You can be the one to do it. Clutter is friend to Chaos and both tend to multiply when not contained. With a bit of planning, a coup can be accomplished in order to overthrow them and show them you are the ruler now. You can retain the control of your own home. There is still time to start today.

Grab a plastic bag that is probably in your pantry or in your kitchen and make a brief walk through the house. Start filling the bag with trash that you find just lying around. Do you see gum wrappers, empty bottles or cans, perhaps some broken toys or socks with holes in them?  Into the bag they go. Repeat the process until you have cleared all the trash from sight. Tie the handles of the bag together and let the trash collector have it on the next collection day. You really won’t miss it and things will look so much better

How about magazines? Do you have any of those lying around? Try this trick for dealing with magazine clutter. Usually they are saved for one or two articles of interest that you are going to come back to read or use. Keep a permanent marker or pen handy. Write the subject and page of the interesting articles on the front cover. Then when you pick it up again, you know right where to go.

Another way is to tear the pages from the magazine and file them in a binder or small filing system . You can use labels such as Landscaping, Furniture, Health, Soup Recipes, whatever suits your interest. Give it a try and see what a difference such a small change can make. No more stacks of magazines falling off the coffee table. In fact, you might find out what the top of the table actually looks like under all that paper. Is it wood? Is that dust? Now how did dust get in under all that paper?

Did you think that was really a protective layer of paper you were creating? Clutter no more is ruler here. You have begun the final battle in the war against unnecessary stuff. You can be the winner here with just a little planning. Clutter beware, the end of your reign of terror is close to an end.

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