The first impressions are extremely important, so if you want to sell a house, take good pictures of it. This is particularly true because when you are trying to sell something and it is not presented well to the potential customers, they will not want to buy it.

Photography can be complicated, which is why photography as a profession can be a lucrative endeavor. For those who are not skilled with the shutter button, then there are a few tips to taking good pictures to sell your house. These will not necessarily produce shots worthy of praise, but they will serve the purpose of selling a house.

If the house is detached, then you will need to take pictures of each of its sides. Ensure that the side of the house fits well into the frame of the shot, while including a bit of the surrounding land to provide a good foreground. If possible, take the picture on a sunny day, when there are few clouds to mar the beauty of the blue sky, as well as sufficient sunlight. Pictures in sunlight and fluorescent flash are significantly different due to the difference in emitted light spectra. Put simply, sunlight pictures look better when presenting something as big as a house.

Take some pictures of the views towards the front and back of the house. This will give potential buyers an idea of the condition of the roads and neighborhood. In addition, this is a great opportunity to include any special views visible from the house. Offices are not the only things that are better with good vistas.

Moving on inside the house, you will want to take pictures of every room, as well as pictures of the thoroughfares. Make sure to clean up before snapping shots, since shoddy housework can degrade the image of the house. A clean home will look better maintained and free of pests like rats and cockroaches.

When photographing rooms, try to reduce the amount of kitsch that will be captured. Take down personal pictures, shelves of knick-knacks, et cetera. Maximize the amount of wall that can be seen. Turn on the lights and draw the curtains open to maximize lighting. You can also take pictures at day and at night, to provide contrasting views. The same guidelines apply when photographing corridors and staircases.

If the house has an attic and/or a basement, make sure to take photographs of those too. Do turn the lights on, and make sure maximize your shots. Do not try to hide damage to the house, since the prospects will come to check anyway.

The general guidelines are lighting, honesty, and detail. Try to make the most of the light to show details. Do not hide features of the house, but do try to avoid photographing anything personal. Make sure to cover as much of the house as possible. Good luck and good shooting.


Taking good pictures can significantly raise interest in a house, as well as improving offered prices during sale. For ideas on how good houses look like, take a peek at Arizona City Real Estate and Real Estate in Arizona City.