All of us have the same common reasons regarding on why we need to learn martial arts. Let’s face the fact that, all of us needs to learn self defense, in order to protect our self and the people we love. We cannot stop the time, so ready yourself that there will always be a time wherein you need to fight just to protect yourself. Anyhow, there are several ways to avoid dangerous scenarios against aggressive attackers. Martial art has three important to rules that will certainly aid you in defending yourself effectively. These rules are taught in all forms of martial art. These will be the first things that you need to consider if you really want to become a peace maker as martial artist.

Escape if possible
Escaping from dangerous scenarios doesn’t mean that you’re a coward. As a martial artist you should find possible ways to avoid a fight. Escaping is better than fighting. This is one way to avoid a dangerous fight. If you are facing a drunken individual, just push him and then leave him. It is always better to leave him rather than fighting him.

Control the situation
Controlling your opponent is one way to halt a fight. You can use several join locks to temporarily stop the person. Controlling someone who is about to start a fight is very crucial. In some situation you need to stop someone without hurting him. In example would be, when one of your friend is very drunk then he starts to pick a fight with you. In this scenario, it is always better to calm him down. If calming him doesn’t work then you control him using joint locks. This kind of method is suitable if you only wish to stop your friend, not to cause him a lasting damage. Most of us engage into a fight without thinking about the aftermath.

Use Counterattack
However, there are situations wherein you cannot avoid getting serious. This way, you are allowed to stop your opponents attack and inflect your devastating counter attack. There are several effective techniques which are very useful when it comes immobilizing and striking your opponent. Only use counterattacks when you can’t think of any other ways to stop your opponent. This is the rule of martial arts. We are only allowed to counterattack when we are faced with the most dangerous situations. Martial art can kill your opponent, so you should consider the right time to use it.

Most martial artist already knew these rules. These are the golden rules of a true fighter. Make sure to use the right method on the right situation. Remember that martial art is use for self defense not for offense. Never start a fight, because it can create a chain of dangers.

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