Currently, major and minor economies in the world are urgent to protect the environment for the planet. This promotion is really of great significance. But on the other hand, it is more urgent for individuals to protect themselves on a daily basis. The protection from ultraviolet rays is one of the most necessary aspects. Eye protection against UV radiation in the sunlight has been recommended for many decades. When is the time for such protection? When the brightness of a sunny day causes a person to squint, it is the time. Sunshine on a daily basis during daily activities outdoors is truly dangerous to the eyes. It is a necessity for everyone to protect the eyes, included in proper eye care.


As the oxygen layer in the air is thinning, professionals are increasingly recommending the use of protective sunglasses. It is advisable to wear sunglasses not only in the summer months, but also winter months as well. In other words, sunglasses are needed all year around. Winter sunglasses are especially necessary when participating in winter sporting. The reason is that the glare of sunlight will bounce off snow and water as well as other smooth surfaces. Sunshine glare is universally harmful whichever season people are in. In this sense, eye protection against sun light should be maintained as much as possible. In addition, sunglasses should be used from an early age. Children’s eyes are more fragile to sun rays than adults’. This will set a good habit for later wearing. For people in any age, it should be a routine of wearing sunglasses whenever going outdoors. Such a routine will significantly reduce the chance of eye damage in the future.


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