Every girl dreams of possessing natural, bright, and smooth skin. However, many hold bad habits which are not helpful to their skin. Six common bad habits are as follows: 


1. Abusing moisturizing cream

Winter makes your skin dry, so many are in favor of moisturizing cream. Some misunderstand that using too much helps make skin smooth. On the contrary, a layer of cream cover pores, thus clogging oxygen.


Abusing moisturizing cream


2. Touching your face

We are sometimes unaware of the fact that our hands are full of bacteria along with dust. When you touch your face or crush acne with fingers, the dust will cover pores and increase the growth of acne.


Touching your face with dusty hands


Crushing acnes

3. Bathing in “hot” water

Bathing in warm water makes you more relaxed. However, “hot” water takes away out natural oil and causes chapped dry skin. Therefore, it is advisable that you should not wash face with “hot” water and sink your body for a long time.


Bathing in “hot” water


4. Lazy at drinking and eating vegetables

Vegetables and fruit supply vital vitamins and fibre which are helpful to skin. Lack of vegetables and especially water not only causes your skin both dry and furrowed but also harm to your health.


Lazy at drinking and eating vegetables


5. Sharing cosmetics with other people

Many teen girls are not affordable to buy their own cosmetics because of tight budgets, so sharing is one of their favorite solutions. However, different people possess dissimilar skin, which requires different cosmetics. In addition, some diseases (if any) are infected through cosmetics tools.


Sharing cosmetics with other people


6. Washing your face excessively

Washing face is helpful to eliminate dead cell and dust, but too much will reduce skin moisture. Thus, we should clean gently and should not misuse cleansing milk.


Washing your face excessively

I have been working as a doctor of a general hospital since February 1998. In addition, I am a full time writer and specialize in weight loss related issues. I also write for a number of different websites on the Internet.