Sensitive skin means that your skin gets irritated more easily than other people. This can mean that in extreme temperatures your skin may get a rash or redness. This happens to me in cold weather and I just recovered from a rash a few days ago due to being in nineteen degree temperature for a week. People with sensitivity also can react to environmental products such as detergents, skin care products, fragrances and even sunlight negatively. There can also be reactions to foods that are ingested or pet hair. When you have this issue it’s important to write a list of what conditions make your skin worsen. Be sure to read labels and to take caution with something from the past that caused you aggravation.

Because the tolerance is low for certain chemicals, there are products for sensitive skin on the market. Also, be aware the wool and scratchy fabrics can also make things worse. It takes a lot of work to be aware of what you put on your skin, eat, breathe and smell each day. Yet, these are important steps to take if you wish to keep your skin clear and free of problems.

Talk to relatives to see what substances they may need to avoid. Sometimes there is a genetic component and you can learn from them. Watch out for preservatives, added colorings and alcohol-based products. Don’t feel foolish about wearing gloves when you wash dishes or do the laundry. But, beware that you may have an allergy to latex gloves. Does your skin get worse in the sun? If so, you’ll need to restrict your time to early mornings or late afternoons at the beach. Of course, always where sunscreen but be sure your skin will agree with it. You can also find hypoallergenic products at drug stores now so be sure to check there for your personal care items. It is helpful to also speak with the pharmacist before purchasing anything as he can alert you to potential problems with any chemicals you are not familiar with in the products. You also may be more susceptible to reactions from insects so that is another area to keep your radar out for in case you are camping or in a situation where there are insects that can sting or bite.

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