You may be wondering what causes your dry skin? Normal skin has a layer of natural fatty substances which leaves the skin soft and supple. If you have dry skin, these lipids have been stripped away. So, what causes this? This article will look at 5 causes of dry skin.

First, it is caused most often by dry air. This problem is most seen in the winter when dry heat is pumped into buildings by heaters. Solutions include using a moisturizer, turning down the heat, and investing in a humidifier.

Another problem can be long, hot showers and baths. Remember that you want a thin fatty layer on the skin. When you spend a lot of time bathing, you wash away these valuable oils which protect your skin.

Third, you may be using way too much soap – most people do. When you do the kinds of antiseptic activities that make up most people’s days now (going to the office or to school), you just don’t get that dirty. Yet people have the idea that they need to lather up and scrub. Wash your face, hands, feet, groin and underarms gently and just rinse off the rest of your body with water.

Could your clothing be a cause? If you go shopping and find an article of clothing to be “itchy” pass on it, no matter how stylish. The clothing won’t get any less itchy and will contribute to your dry skin.

A number of medications can cause your skin to become dry as well. High blood pressure drugs, antihistamines, and other drugs can leave your skin dry. If you notice this happening, talk to your physician and see if you have any alternatives.

Finally, there are a number of serious medical conditions that cause you to have dry skin. Diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and malnutrition can all lead to your skin problems. These are serious conditions and you need to seek medical help if you have them.

So, there are 5 causes of dry skin.

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