Those who are obsessed about their skin dread the winter a lot. The biting cold causes the lips to crack and the skin to chap. So they look dull and miserable. With a little care, you can keep your skin healthy, even in winters. Proper care can make your skin glow even in freezing temperatures.

In the winter your face is exposed to harsh winds that are dry and cold. This takes a toll on your skin and can turn it raw, red, or irritated. The best way to prevent this from happening is to cover your face whenever possible if you are exposed to the cold. Wrap a scarf around the lower part of your head and neck to prevent the breeze doing damage!

Winter season is characterized by cold temperature and dry winds. This makes our skin dry, dull, itchy and more sensitive. We need to make sure that our skin is protected from harsh environmental factors like falling mercury, low humidity etc. These factors devoid the skin of its natural lipid layer thus making it more sensitive, dry, itchy and irritated.

As it is at the moment, there is no one single cure for acne that has worked for all people suffering from acne, although the condition can be remedied using a number of skin care methods. Majority of acne sufferers will look to use topical acne medications which, as the name may suggest, are applied topically on the skin surface.

Another skin care tip you can follow for the winter season is to drink lesser amounts of coffee, alcohol, tea and colas. This is because your body will lose more water easily during the winter season. And because of this, your skin will become chapped and dry. If you can replace these beverages with pure water, your complexion will thank you.

It’s better to choose moisturizers with components of Cynergy TK that come from the wool of sheep that contain functional keratin. This ingredient can help replenish the skin and help in skin regeneration. It also can help stimulate the body to produce more collagen and elastin. So besides helping to keep the skin soft it also will eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

If you’re looking for an all-natural teeth whitener, deodorant or body powder, baking soda comes in handy. Another little-know use involves mixing the soda with water and using to remove buildup from styling products used on your hair… a great alternative to harsh clarifying shampoos that tend to dry out hair.

If your skin is exposed to the elements then it can dry out, even start flaking, or worse, cracking (cracking and dried out skin can make your skin more susceptible to infection). You should take good care of your skin during these bitter winter months. As long as you are on your guard and take a few steps to protect your skin, you should be able to avoid the winter damaging your skin too much.

Try drinking chocolate instead of coffee on a cold winter morning. Chocolates contain flavanols that lubricate dermis tissues. They also contain antioxidants that can promote healthy cellular health. Although coffee also has antioxidative benefits, this can hamper the proper circulation of fluid in the body.

Not to mention, there is the wind factor. The freezing wind can actually “wind burn” your skin, which means that it will dry it out immensely, and can even abrade and irritate the skin’s surface. Although acne vulgaris is largely due to an over production of sebum (oil), excessively drying the skin actually has a counterintuitive effect by further aggravating acne.

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