The world around you is full of wonders; beautiful sceneries, amazing natural habitats, lovely birds and animals. One always wishes to capture beautiful shots. And to help you capture these rare moments there are these digital cameras. But just owning these high tech cameras doesnt guarantee you good digital photos. Imagine its your birthday or anniversary or you are on a family holiday, everything is well planned but you messed up the photos because you didnt know how to control the flash. Taking a perfect digital shot needs some practice and a bit of technical know-how.

So what is the secret of taking good photos? Well, the first thing you should remember that; great photos depends on photographer, not the camera. You must have seen people taking great photos with a simple point-and-shoot digital cameras, while others take lousy snaps with the most expensive SLR cameras.

Dont worry; we have tips on shooting digital photos for you. Next time you can apply these tips to shoot photos like a pro.

Camera Specification

What you do when you bring home your favorite digital camera. Briefly flick through the user manual and keep it back in the box and then never see it again. This is not a good idea! You should know and understand every details of a digital camera. Learn to control exposure, different camera modes and the use of flash. This knowledge will prove to be invaluable while you’re out in the field.

Learn to Control the Flash

General user uses automatic flash for taking snaps. But using auto flash will give you average photos. For best digital photography you must learn to control the flash. Depending on the natural lighting conditions, you need to switch on or switch off the flash. If you are taking outdoor photos, its good to turn on the flash to illuminate the subject, especially if subject is in the shade. But if your subject is in direct sunlight then put off the flash else, the snap will blur. Sometimes, using flash in indoors results in unnatural skin color that ruin the total fun.

Macro Mode

For the very close up shots like taking snap of flowers, insects use macro mode. All digital cameras have macro mode. Mostly this is represented by a flower symbol. Just chose your subject and turn on macro mode, now focus as close to subject as camera allows.

Use the Tripod

Camera tripods are very essential tool for all the budding photographers. It’s very useful in low-light conditions and when you are trying to capture fast moving objects. Try to buy tripod which is convenient to carry and compact in packing.

Play with the ISO Setting

The ISO setting is very useful in taking picture of still objects. As it is sensitivity to light; so, using lower ISO setting for static image will allow a longer shutter speed that helps in producing a cleaner image. If you’re shooting your playing baby or a moving object then a higher ISO setting like 400 is preferable.

Memory Capacity

Always make sure to you have enough memory to shoot all you want. It depends on the mega pixel of the camera. For 4 mega pixel camera at least a 256MB card is required. For
5 mega pixel cameras you will need at least a 512MB to 1GB card, for 8 mega pixels and above camera its better to have 2 GB card.

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