Psoriasis affects many bodily functions including hair loss. Having the ailment is bad enough, but not knowing what to do to cope with it makes it worse. One of the areas of most concern is the scalp, hair loss prevention or restoration. Learn what you can do to help with hair loss prevention and how to have a healthy scalp.

What is Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non-contagious immune-mediated disorder that affects areas and functions of the body including the scalp. Appearing as raised red patches of skin, it can be accompanied by burning or itching sensations. It has been thought to be the result of reactions to certain drugs, thinning of the intestinal walls, toxemia, infections and emotional stress.

Psoriasis on the scalp

Scalp psoriasis has been present in at least half of the people with psoriasis. Similar to seborrhea, scalp psoriasis can cause hair loss if left untreated. Special shampoos and topical creams containing salicylic acid and tar can be used as treatment.

It is essential to refrain from scratching or picking at any scabs on the scalp as this can cause hair follicle damage and permanent hair loss. Hair loss from psoriasis is usually temporary and will grow back once the ailment clears up, providing the hair follicles have not been damaged.


In order to stop the itching, use common mouthwash such as Listerine or Lavoris gently rubbed onto the scalp. Use Carbolated Vaseline along the hairline to relieve the symptoms.

Make sure to avoid using hair dyes, permanents, chemical treatments and relaxers with psoriasis. These chemicals can cause permanent damage to the hair follicle over a short time of use.


Psoriasis cannot be cured with drugs but only by the body healing itself. Everyone suffering with psoriasis also suffers from toxemia. When the body becomes toxic different ailments present themselves with one of them being psoriasis. Toxemia is caused by poor circulation and thinning of the intestine walls.

Once a person blood becomes toxic, then the acidity comes through the skin and thus psoriasis develops. Some known cases of psoriasis have been healed through natural processes such as quitting smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, increasing the consumption of distilled water, internal cleansing, increased sun exposure, stress reduction, meditation, and the elimination of certain foods such as eggplant, peppers, white potatoes, paprika and tomatoes. Pizza is one common food among psoriasis suffers that cause discomfort and should be avoided.

Psoriasis sufferers should eat poultry, lamb, fish, low fat milk or buttermilk and maintain an alkaline diet. Any fish product containing Omega-3 fatty acids should be consumed for the skin and scalp. Most fish is recommended but limit consuming bluefish, sushi, shellfish and mackerel.

Avoid consuming fried foods, white bread, fatty milk acid and alcohol, which are all acid forming. Substitute small amounts of whole grain bread, low-fat or non-fat milk and a small glass of red wine.

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