Coloring your hair can damage it, especially when you have a relaxer in your hair. To color your hair make sure you follow the directions on the box of the hair color product. If you have a perm in your hair you should wait two weeks after you have perm your hair to dye it.


Since you have two different chemicals in your hair, your hair will need special treatment to it like extra or stronger conditioning. What I like to use in my hair after I have dye it is a hot oil treatment. It penetrates the scalp and strengthens your locks against heat and chemical damage.


After I dye my hair I do not put any heat on it. I let it air dry, if you don’t have time to do this then I guess you will be blowing drying it. While it’s drying I massage oil moisturizer into my hair and scalp combo it and put it into a pony tail or wear it down with a scarf. You can also wrap your hair too!


You don’t want to put high heat on your hair since you’ve just colored it. So I use a low to medium heat setting on my flat irons to straighten and style it. Lighter hair colors can weaken it and are more likely to frizz up and become brittle, so especially use low to medium heat on lighter color hair like a golden blonde for instance.


After a week I use a hot oil treatment again like Queen Helene. I love her oil treatments they make my hair look so fresh and healthy. Every week I deep condition my hair to keep it full of life and luster.


Before bed if you don’t forget it is always beneficial to wear a satin cap or scarf to protect your hair from dryness and breakage from the pillow when your sleep. Wearing a scarf will keep your hair tamed and smoother looking.


The sun is bursting with all kinds of damaging rays light that not only causes harm to the skin but also to your hair. So, if you have to be in the sun a lot try wearing a hat or stylish scarf sometimes to protect your head. The sun can suck the life out of your tresses. Make sure you use hair spray oil sheen with sunscreen in it, this will also keep it moisturize and prevent heat damage from the sun.


Every week I use a conditioning shampoo, my favorite is Pantene for colored women. This shampoo softens, strengthens, and restores your hair to its natural radiance. Well that’s all of the tips that I have, they work so well for me and I hope they work great for you too! Make sure you take care of your hair as if you would take care of your face, with special care and the results will speak for their self.