The anti-aging industry just won’t let the public keep up. The battle against mortality and aging has been around for centuries, and principle is familiar and in-keeping with the Darwinian Theory on survival. The fittest creatures naturally have bigger chances of surviving, and this is true in terms of both health and beauty. Anti Aging Discoveries in the market today are more focused on good looks that longevity. The media’s take on anti aging discoveries are directly targeted at women who must look their best to succeed in any area of expertise. These anti aging products cluster youth, clear skin, and vitality as the three most important values of beauty. Hence, the topical solutions marketed today promise near elixir-of-life results.

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Anti Aging Skin Care

1.  Although exercise is vital to your health and great skin, it won’t change the structure of your skin as it gets older. The look of your skin is determined mostly by genetics and sun exposure.

2.  As you age you need to use both lighter colored cosmetics and lighter hair colors. These are more flattering to your skin tone and can keep you looking and feeling younger.

3.  As you go through menopause, it’s very common to find that the skincare products you once relied on are no longer as effective. For example, the hormonal changes associated with menopause often leave skin feeling drier than before. Try a richer moisturizer to see if it makes a difference.

4.  Contrary to popular belief, sunbeds are not a safer way to tan. Sunbeds emit UVA rays and causing tanning and aging of the skin .They may also be important in the development of melanoma. If you’re using a sunbed, you’re accelerating the aging of your skin and increasing your risk of skin cancer.

5.  Did you know that your lipstick helps your lips look younger and protects them? It’s true. Using lipstick, helps protect your lips from harmful rays. It’s one of the reasons men are more apt to get lip cancer – so men slap on the lip protection!

6.  Don’t forget your eyes! Long-term sun exposure can lead to cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. So as you head out the door, be sure to grab your sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, or both!

How to avoid Wrinkles

1.  Quit Smoking: Smoking is extremely injurious to the whole of the body, be it the lungs, the respiratory system or the skin. It makes your skin rough and brittle, and thus leads to wrinkles. Constant smokers are nearly twice as prone to developing wrinkles than non smokers.

2.  Physical Fitness: Your skin can be healthy and young only if your body is physically fit from the inside. You must exercise on a regular basis. You can even opt for yoga. This will relax your body and this will eventually show on your skin, which will become radiant and beautiful.

3.  Avoid Washing Your Face Repeatedly: As opposed to popular belief, repeatedly washing your face is not good for the skin. It sucks the moisture from your skin and dry skin is more prone to wrinkle formation. Besides that, the constant application of cosmetics to clean the face can also have adverse effects on the skin.

4.  Healthy and Nutritional Diet: It is very important to have a balance diet, with adequate vitamins and minerals. If your diet is deficient in any of these vital nutrients, it can result in wrinkles. This will make your face look older than it is.

How to deal with aging

1.  Remember that you are at a different stage in life than your parent. For most of us, development does not stop once we reach adulthood. You are not the same person you were when you were 21. Your parent is not the same person they were when they were your age.

2.  Try to look at their concerns from their perspective. Respect their desire for control and regularity. None of us are comfortable with change and this is even truer with seniors. Remember that the only thing worse than change, is change that you have no control over. Be sure to make your parents feel that they still have some control over their life.

3.  Try to help your parent maintain the highest level of independence for as long as possible. The level of independence you start with will depend on the unique situation of your family. Don’t be afraid to include assistance and decrease the level of independence if necessary.

4.  Have a management plan for the essentials like money management; bills; health plans; and any necessary equipment or modifications.

You may be interested in reading Anti Aging Remedies and Anti Aging Skin Care at Herbal Remedies