In the desire to ensure the safety and security of his own PC, a PC user enables him to avail of the different types of software readily available in the market to use against potential harmful applications or programs that have malicious intent. Aside from the anti-virus programs and anti-malware software that one can install in their own personal computers, one may also opt to put in another program that can be used to prevent unauthorized access of programs into your computer. That program is called the firewall.

Firewalls are part of one’s computer system that enables connections that are authorized by its user and at the same time blocking unauthorized forms of communications from entering the system. Firewalls can be likened to a literal wall imposed on one’s castle or home. A wall prevents incoming attackers from scaling and ravaging what the wall protects. What a computer firewall protects is the main system of software of the PC. It can also be compared to a filter, because a firewall filters connections and communications using settings that the user chooses to his choice. A firewall can be customized according to the PC user’s inclinations, and he or she may prefer to block only a particular amount of connections, or just allow a handful of communications from entering the system.

Most of the time, firewalls are used in order to prevent unauthorized persons to access the PC. Some mal intent internet users would try and connect themselves to other PCs and networks for various purposes like obtaining valuable information, hacking, installation of harmful programs, identity theft, and so on. That is why one can encounter a message saying that one cannot access the internet or the network due to a firewall. Most companies and individuals that adhere to internet security would rather limit the access to the internet than risk being open to hacking and other form of online threats.

A firewall can be either be a software or hardware, depending on your preference. Most effective firewalls can be downloaded over the internet, and one can choose from a wide number of firewall developers that offer these products. Reviews from critics and fellow end users could be extremely valuable in choosing which one to obtain. It’s also important to choose a firewall that is not only protecting against incoming threats but also from outgoing ones as well. Another crucial factor is to not purchase a pirated version of these firewalls, and these programs cannot update it from the latest threats coming from the World Wide Web. Constant updating of the firewall program is best done, just like the way one has to update his virus definitions for antivirus programs. Using two firewalls at the same time is also not recommended, as problems in compatibility may arise and thus render those firewalls useless if not destructive.

An installation of firewalls and a smart, careful way of using them, alongside other preventive programs would indeed help in protecting one’s PC from harmful threats.

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