Laser skin rejuvenation is the latest anti-ageing breakthrough of the era! Laser treatments are approved by the Food and drug Administration (FDA). These skin rejuvenating beams of lights function by interacting with dermal layers to produce heat. In the process a very strong beam of light is passed through the epidermal layers. The dermal cells become hot due to the heat energy generated by the beam. This heat stimulates the cells to produce hormones like collagen and elastin. As the beam that is targeted on the dermal cells are sensitive to colored lesions like broken blood vessels or age spots, these are easy targets for the beam.

What problems are targeted?

Such a beam is harnessed for rejuvenating the dermis against an array of problems and scars. Some of the problems and scars that the laser skin rejuvenation treatment targets are as follows:

1. Age or tan spots

2. Dry, dull skin

3. Under-eye circles

4. Loose skin and lines

5. Freckles

6. Melasma

7. Redness and flushing

8. Seborrheic keratoses

9. Skin tone

10. Surgery scars

11.Tattoos removal

12. Stretch marks

13. Wrinkles

14. Varicose veins

However, many people suffer from a common misconception that this beam has no variant and that the same type of beam is used for eradicating every dermal abrasion. However, there are different types of laser skin rejuvenation treatments, which vary according to the type of beam used and the intensity of beam used. Following are some commonly followed types of treatments with laser:

CO2 Lasers – Rejuvenating the dermis with CO2 lasers is currently the highest intensity laser treatment available. This treatment uses heat to suppress collagen bands in the lower dermal layers thereby making it firm and smooth in appearance.

Erbium lasers – Skin rejuvenation treatment with Erbium lasers aims at removing thinner layers of skin. Such a treatment is mainly advocated for dark skinned people as there are no possibilities of permanent changes to pigmentation of the dermis. If you are eager to opt for a laser skin rejuvenation treatment that would require less healing time, go for Erbium laser treatment.

Fraxel laser skin resurfacing – This treatment is distinctively different from other laser skin rejuvenation treatments. This treatment is non-invasive so there are a few post-treatment side-effects. However with an experienced dermatologist’s guidance you can take on the treatment successfully.

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