There are many home remedies for ear infections from the really old, tried and tested to the completely wacky and not even worth considering.

The trick is to think it out yourself and decide which you think would act as an ear infection home remedy to give you relief.

Loads of these remedies utilize things that you probably have most of the time in your kitchen. Things like apple cider vinegar, garlic, lemon juice and onions and these are only four things, there are many more.

The use of these things does make sense when you figure out what they actually are. In the case of the vinegar and lemon juice, these both alter the pH balance in your ear, so if it is out of wack due to an infection these things will sort it out.

All sorts of oils can be used and the secret is to warm the oil[s] first. Don’t try using essential oils in your ear, only Lavender essential oil can be used on the skin, all the rest need to be diluted before use. Baby oil is of course very pure and would be suitable for this purpose.

Warmth or heat is sometimes all that is needed, I have read about filling a sock with rice and heating it in the microwave then holding the sock to the ear. The sock and the rice are only instruments for holding the heat, the heat is what helps with the pain.

There are no hard and fast rules about what to use, but always consider the state of your ear. Never put anything in your ear if you have any sort of damage, for instance a burst ear drum or any irritation.

If you consider any home remedy to be really stupid then do not try it. Most things using food items or other natural items will work as an ear infection remedy, but be very careful of some of the way out suggestions. Apart from not working they could be dangerous and give you more problems than they will cure.

“Stop Ear Infections Naturally”