So what exactly is a chemical peel for the skin? Basically it is a chemical that is used for peeling off skin that has become wrinkled and aged or for those that have discoloration or other skin issues. It is commonly called derma-peeling and by peeling away the skin layers it will allow fresh new skin to show. This new skin has a fresh look without as many wrinkles.

As we get older the skin becomes photo aged and damaged. The chemical solution is applied directly on the skin and the strength depends on the type of results that are desired. In other words if you are having a mild peel then you would use chemicals that are much less abrasive. Sometimes a light peel is done repeatedly over a period of time to get the best results. This is good for some damaged skin or very light wrinkles. The skin that is much more damaged such as skin with age spots and so forth would need a medium type skin peel. Usually the dermatologist can determine the exact strength of peel that you will need for your particular skin issue. The chemicals that are used are quite varied. Some are very very strong, yet they are all acid-based.

The side effects of the procedure is very much the same as having a severe sunburn depending upon the depth of skin that is being removed. This obviously will cause quite a bit of redness and skin that peels away as new skin starts to form. Over a period of a few weeks the redness and peeling will subside. The doctor can prescribe different lotions that will alleviate some of the pain, and possibly medication as well. During this time all exposure to the sun has to be avoided until the new skin has completely formed. Chemical peels are done very frequently and for most people are completely safe. This is a good way to give your face a much more youthful look and appearance at a reasonable cost.

Jack Clarke has been an author and content publisher for the past 12 years. He currently runs several review sites including Carbon Fiber Monopod among many others.

12 years experience online as a content publisher and product reviewer including such sites as Carbon Fiber Monopod and other informative informational websites for consumers.