Dry skin is a common problem of most people, both men and women. This skin condition can affect the physical appearance of your skin as well as its health and natural moisture. The most basic dry skin therapy is by drinking adequate amount of fluid especially water. Doing so can hydrate your skin cells and can eventually alleviate the dryness.

Another dry skin therapy is to have enough rest and long, satisfying hours of sleep. Natural skin repair happens when you are sleeping. Failure to do so can cause skin damages including extreme dryness.

Dry skin is caused by different factors. It is caused by extreme coldness. So if you are locked inside your air-conditioned room the whole day, then you should try to get some fresh air. You should also let your skin to be exposed to warm weather. Or perhaps, you can have an indoor humidifier to balance the temperature.

Frequent hot baths and showers can also cause extreme dryness. So you should avoid doing this frequently. Perhaps, you can take a hot shower today and then do it again on the day after tomorrow. Daily hot baths should be avoided to prevent dry skin.

Some moisturizers that contain mineral oil and fragrances can cause dryness of your skin. You should not be blinded by glamorous advertisements because these ingredients can never treat a dry skin. In fact, mineral oil washes away the natural oil of the skin and leaves it dry. It also blocks the pores and causes it to have improper breathing space.

Instead of using these kind of ingredients, use products that are equipped with natural ingredients like avocado oil, grape seed oil, and shea butter. These ingredients are extracted from natural substances and are combined to fight dryness and regain the natural moisture of the skin. These products will serve as your most effective dry skin therapy .

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