The Lemon Juice Fast has quickly become an effective way to reduce excess body fat, detoxify the digestive system and reset your body to its natural state.

Fasting is an efficient way to restore your body to health by giving your internal digestive processes a break and the ability to dedicate self healing by taking away the pressure that it exerts to breaking down food. A typical adult diet in the Western world is heavily laden with fat and much more protein than the body needs. Breaking down of these excess foods places a heavy burned on your digestive system – energy that could be dedicated to other organs such as the heart, lungs and skin cells.

What happens during a lemon juice fast?

In the initial stage of the fast, the body will begin to throw out waste into the blood stream in order for it to be released. There will also be a lowered insulin state which promotes the mobilization of fat stores within the body.

As the fast progresses, the body begins to eliminate dead cells, toxins and a coating of mucus from the intestinal wall.

There is a cleansing of all the major organs – blood cells, kidneys, liver, glands and intestines. The toxic load on all of these major organs is lessened and there is a reinvigoration of energy and less stress on breaking down toxins which is now moved to promoting natural self healing.

Why Lemon Juice

The major benefits of using lemons during the fast are that this fruit is known to be an immune booster and a blood purifier which assists in the process of waste removal through the blood stream. Its other healing properties are that it serves as a liver tonic, cleansing the toxins stuck to the tract and stimulating the digestive system.

Benefits of Lemon Juice Fast

Of course one of the major benefits is weight loss and the elimination of toxins and waste that have built up in the intestines, blood cells and glands.

1. Excess weight loss
2. Lowering of insulin levels
3. Enhanced Mental Clarity
4. Reduction of food cravings
5. Clear skin
6. Vibrancy and energy
7. Flushing out of abnormal fluid accumulation

In some instances a lemon juice fast can even normalize conditions like high blood pressure, even in the longer term, if immediately after the fast a healthy diet and exercise regime is established.

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