Your skin really needs attention in the hot, dry weather. With a simple homemade remedy, you can exfoliate dead skin cells and alleviate dry or itchy skin. Re-moisturize your skin with a simple salt in the scrub.

Begin with a long, hot soak. You will need to moisturize your skin for the salt scrub to work as it is designed to. Spend about 10 minutes; relaxing, in a long bath. Baths are much more luxurious even though a shower will also work! This helps loosen the skin, which will give better results.

After you have soaked your skin use a loofah sponge or mitts. Exfoliation doesn’t require that you use coarse, sometimes painful gloves. In fact, the softness of the loofah is a better choice.

Choose the type of salt. There are many types of salt which can be used in salt scrubs and you should choose one that agrees with your skin. Sea Salt is really good. The crystals are bigger, making results significantly better. A handful of sea salt should be enough, with your loofah mitts on.

Add body soap. The exfoliating product requires something to bind it all together, so the salt doesn’t wash away. Combine liquid bath soap and sea salt and thoroughly mix the ingredients with your fingers. That’s it – the sea salt scrub is made!

Using the salt scrub. Now that you’ve created a homemade salt scrub, scrub away. Apply the blend, using circular motions, over your entire body. Keep in mind that you do not want to be abrasive with salt scrub and your skin. Make sure you are careful and gentle when doing this. Remember hard areas such as the balls of your feet, elbows and knees. Your skin will feel healthy and moisturized – the salt does all the work!

Make sure that you rinse off very well. After you scrub yourself with your homemade salt scrub, be sure to rinse well to remove all salt and soap.

Complete the process with a daily moisturizer. Be sure to moisturize well after your salt scrub. A great moisturizer to use is a Shea butter cream, which will help your skin stay soft long after your scrubbing is done.

Tiffany Provost writes about Skin Care and Beauty tips for