To help get rid of teenage acne, sufferers are best to use a toner without alcohol. This is because alcohol is known to strip the layer of the skin and as a result the body produces more oil.

This leads to acne in teenagers that can be seen as blemishes or flaky skin. Never try to squeeze or touch your acne of any kind with your nails, fingers or anything else.

This causes further contamination, infection and can also leave permanent scars in the process. Also, squeezing, pinching or applying pressure causes the dirt and bacteria to seep further into the pores of the individuals.

Another reason for not touching the skin is that it is always covered and in contact with the bacteria, which is a major cause of acne in teens.

However, these bacteria cannot do much if it is not trapped inside the pores of the skin, which is how we would like it to be. Thus, touching the face unnecessarily and even resting the affected chin on your hands, can drive bacteria deep into the pores.

When opting for choosing a range of cosmetics, teenagers mostly ignore the ingredients in the makeup products.

However, it is important to buy cosmetics that are oil free and have resistance against clogging the pores and aggravating the skin condition.

All products from hair sprays to gels have to go through this scrutiny before selecting the right one for you. As much as most of us love the sun, remember that it is what causes our bodies to shed the dead skin faster, resulting in more clogged pores.

So whenever in the sun make sure that you have applied the correct amount of the sunscreen that is oil free and has at least up to a fifteen sun protection factor.
Avoid the use of hats and headbands as it causes friction, which in turn results in flaring up the acne on the skin. Also, make sure to take a shower after an exerting physical activity that has caused you to sweat.

Most of the people who are suffering from mild teenage acne can gain control over it by using effective over the counter products available on the market.

The earlier you treat your teenage acne, the better control you will have over it. However, there are several natural and herbal treatments available for the people who are hesitant in treating their bodies with the chemicals.

These herbal treatments work equally well, though they might take a longer time in showing visible results.
Last but not the least; make sure to consume the right amount of water to keep the skin and the hair well moisturized and making it difficult for the dirt and grime to adhere to them.
Follow these simple tips and you can gain control and eliminate your teenage acne in no time.
So if you want to know more teenage acne remedy to make your skin stay younger and healthy, you can visit at

So if you want to know more teenage acne remedy to make your skin stay younger and healthy, you can visit at