Nokia mobile is the world’s best mobile company and having the full range of mobile phones. Recently Nokia mobile has launched its Nokia e71 and Nokia e72 in its e series handsets. Nokia e71 price in India is around Rs. 18, 900/- and Nokia e72 price is approx Rs.16, 200. There is no doubt the phones are loaded with full features and supports all technical functionalities.

Today many new Indian mobile brands have entered in the mobile market like Micromax Mobile. The company has revolutionized the whole Indian mobile phone market by offering the high tech features in low price. Really if we analysis the Micromax mobile phone models there is hardly any feature is missing out. The price strategies using by this company really gives the serious competition to the Nokia mobile.

The price of these handsets Nokia e71 and Nokia e72 are comparatively higher than the other local brands offering especially Micromax mobile. That’s true the quality and the durability offering by the Nokia are comparatively much better. But still there is nothing in less with quality issue of local brands also. Most of us easily get bored by using same handset more than one year and start looking for new one to replace old one.

Nokia e71 and Nokia e72 offers the features like 5 megapixel camera, 2.4-inches QVGA landscape screen display of 320×240 pixels, Bluetooth, Wireless connectivity, FM radio, multi formats of music player like MP3 /AAC /MPEG4, 3.5mm headphone jack, touch screen, Full QWERTY keyboard, Expandable memory with 4 GB included memory, Java games, good battery life and more in the quite expensive range where as if I say Micromax mobile is providing all these features at much lower price range. Then for which mobile phone you will go for. Well its depending upon your decision.

Here it doesn’t mean the Nokia e71 and Nokia e72 are not a good handsets. Both have the excellent features and functionalities. Just Nokia mobile has to do is to reduce the price of these mobile phones and also renew the Nokia mobile price list.

The most interesting part is that there is not only the question of price and features but also in looks there is quite similarities we find.

To known more Nokia e71 price and Nokia e72 price you can visit to the official website of Nokia and you can see other nokia mobile price list also, but not to forget to compare it with other brands also.