PSORIASIS is a condition in which new cells are grown faster even before the body immune system can deal with the old cells as a result they are deposited on the skin and starts forming lesions.

The sizes and shapes can differ as there are many kinds of PSORIASIS like Plaque, Guttate, and Pustular etc. The most commonly seen is the Plaque Psoriasis 80 percent people suffer from it. It can be found in patches over the scalp, elbows, knees, and lower back. It generally causes the skin to thicken and colors of red silver can be seen in the affected area. Nails are also affected by the disease; about 50 percent people suffer from the disease. If not treated and diagnosed early then joint deterioration is possible.

PSORIASIS is a complex disease, even today scientist are unable to find out, though the main reason for the disease is the improper function of the immune system and genes. The disease is not at all infectious; it does not spread by touching the infected person or coming into contact physically. The other name of the disease is T cell mediated disease.

Scientist have also discovered that people who has the genes of PSORIASIS does not have the disease. The disease needs a trigger in the form of a skin injury, stressful life event, or having a strep throat, these triggers may differ from person to person in order to be exposed. The disease is equally seen in men and women. Worldwide people get this disease. The disease can be exposed in any age. There are two common times when the disease is often seen are between 15 and 30 or 50 to 60 years of age.

Some people who suffer from the disease think of it as nuisance, while other thinks that it affects their daily living. The reason behind this is the unpredictable nature of the disease. It is a never ending condition, with frequent flare ups in the form of itching and pain.

Scratching can cause the skin to crack open and result in bleeding. It can be disturbing for the person to sleep during these flare ups as a result of this sleep deprivation is caused. Visit to the doctor during this flare ups are necessary for that extra bit treatment. People who go through flare ups cycles are seen to be suffering from the feelings of low self esteem and even embarrassment feeling is also seen.

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