Many of us may have experienced dry and hard to manage hair. Indeed, having dry hair is one of the common problems we have with hair, and how we envy those soft, silky hair others have.
Most often, our dry hair results from the many things we do to our hair. The more we try to have that beautiful hair by trying so many products and chemicals; we tend to damage the natural shine and moisture of our hair.
If you are tired of the many chemicals you put into your hair, or you want to rest your hair and find natural treatments instead, here are some tips on how to care for dry hair and bring life to that dry, dull hair.
Eat healthy. This is probably the best thing you can do to bring back life to your hair. Hair is dry because there is not enough sebum produced in hair follicles. To maintain the natural moisturizing abilities of the scalp, it is advisable to include fish such as salmon or try some flaxseed oil in your diet. Food rich in zinc, like oysters, is also good for the hair.
Avoid the Blow Dryer. Although it has been said over and over again that blow drying can dry the hair, it is something that most women, especially those who are always on the run, often want to grab when they are in a hurry. Ideally, the hair should be left to dry naturally. You can pat it towel dry and leave it to dry. Do not comb it while wet as it can also cause it to be brittle.
Do not overwash. Washing your hair too often will strip its natural oils and causing it to dry more. Apply shampoo only when needed. Shampoo is suppose to get rid of excess oil in the hair that attract dirt, but not totally deplete the moisture in it.
The best way on how to treat and care for dry hair comes from the natural products around us. Natural ways of bringing a dry hair back to life is safe and of course has no side effects than the chemicals that claim fast and quick treatment but in the end can be more harmful to the hair. Although natural treatments and home-made treatments can be a little icky sometimes, or it might probably smell bad, but it will truly pay off when it starts working for your dry hair. Just allot some of your time and for sure, you will get the hair that you’ve always been wanting.
Coconut Milk. One of nature’s gifts to making beautiful hair is the coconut milk. Massaging a cup of coconut milk into your hair and scalp once a week cold bring great wonders to making your hair moisturized.
Jojoba Oil. You might have seen this as a major ingredient in shampoos and hair products. Indeed, it can restore the hair’s shine and health as it works as a moisturizer. You can ask for the natural Jojoba oil in your favorite beauty shop.
Mayonnaise is also said to be a hair moisturizer, but I personally think there might be some side effects on the other ingredients and preservatives contained in commercial mayonnaise. You can also try eggs instead. Whip 2 eggs and apply the foam to your hair, rinsing it off with warm water afterwards.
Indeed, if you want good tips on how to care for dry hair, you can never go wrong with natural products.

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