There is now a way to reclaim attractiveness. Fairly new, laser skin treatment provides relief for the top layer of the dermis. People obtain this unique method for removing birth marks, freckles, tattoos, vein issues, acne damage and wrinkles. It is not at all harsh. When it come to defying the aging process, this is a good choice. In addition, it is a popular cosmetic procedure used to repair dermal damage from the effects of the sun. The cost much less than other alternatives for repair of damage epidermal tissues.

Dermal rejuvenation is somewhat like filing something down and making it smoother. The damaged outer layer of skin is completely removed. A smoother younger looking membranes of the d comes to the forefront. A light source or a controlled burning directly penetrates the affected area, and removes unhealthy epidermis. Collagen growth is stimulated and the dermis is tighter.

The heat from the light is actually used to hold back collagen bands in the lower part of the epidermis. The technique is not complicated and takes from a few minutes to a couple of hours to complete. Two processes are involved in the therapy of the dermal. One is ablative, and the other is non ablative. The first one uses the carbon dioxide for resurfacing and fine age lines, and Erbium for deeper epidermal defects.

Both are cost effective and extremely efficient in removing scars. There is also a procedure to treat varicose veins. Large and deep varicose veins up to 3 meters are treated with a Lume 1 pulse vascular light. Get up to date information by scheduling and appointment with a reputable and board certified dermatologist.

Erbium surgery is an acceptable choice for dramatically diminishing the signs of aging. In addition, it is for people who have darker skin and are experiencing only minimum damage. Overall, the aim is to get rid of thinner layers of damage and very thin age lines. However there is more than one session in this technique.

The improvement is quite dramatic, and recovery is exceptionally rapid. The Erbium operation is done in an outpatient setting. A local anesthesia and mild sedative is administered. The Carbon Dioxide radiation is a bit stronger. It is designed for removing deeper layers of damaged tissues. Deep down, dermal is stimulated and rejuvenated back to health as well.

The carbon dioxide is the source that emits the streams of light. These small angles of light beams are pulsed or scattered. The dermatologist can explain the process in layman terms. The physician can also explain the different levels, and help clients choose which is best. Recovery time is fairly short. Of course, deeper remedies require longer recovery time.

The Lume 1 vascular light uses a light that is near infrared wavelength. An advanced innovative technique, it is designed to treat just about any type of varicose vein problems. It has multiple synchronized pulsing capabilities. Anywhere from one to four visits may be necessary. The process completely and permanently gets rid of ugly veins. It takes about an hour to complete this dermis operation. Patients will only feel a slight sting or a needle like pinch. Reported responses agree to a 70 percent improvement rate.

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