If only there were Elliott waves tutorial to guide the bulk of people on how the Elliott wave works, traders would be much more delighted and comfortable to use it. No doubt, the concept is too difficult to be explained, probably close to impossible for ordinary people to master the comprehension but basically it is much easier to grab a rough inkling rather than going too deep into the principle.


Generally the Elliott wave principle is a view of two categories, the impulsive group and the corrective group, named upon the strength or magnitude of the pricing variations. Should the price declines too drastically then it is classified under the impulsive action while the contra, corrective action is referred to a smaller degree of force of the pricing action. The impulsive or also known to have five series of waves is labeled as 1-2-3-4-5 while the corrective wave, proven to consist of only three waves, is designated as A-B-C. The final postulation in this research is that the price action of the financial market is similar to that of a motional harmonic nature.


A brief Elliott waves tutorial is able to explain the harmonic motion that is the probability of the return of old path in the future. About why this is integrated into the Elliott principle, it is because the price in the market is of great possibility to recur similar to its history in any time in the future. The wave changes the analysis’ dimension by advancing the price time analysis of a financial instrument from its oscillator and indicator approach to the dynamic of force, motion, behavior and velocity. As numerous new dimensions are being incorporated to the price time study, the dynamic actions must be managed according to a set of rules.


From there, the Elliott wave principle came to a second advance evolution that is to obey the fixed guideline. An apparent example is a person who has convicted in theft should be arrested in accordance to the rule yet the police should abide to the guidelines of filing and disposing him before the judge. It applies a similar theory. Albeit so, no one can be too sure how the prices trend may vary. The Elliot does not provide a sure movement although it can display a frame of idea of how the fluctuations may come to happen.

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