There are many ways that you can treat your acne problem. One of them is through at home acne remedies. These natural treatment options could be equally effective and you can be surprised with the results.


What Are The At Home Acne Remedies?


Acne is undoubtedly one of the most common skin conditions that affect people of all ages. It is not surprising that dermatologists and researchers have developed numerous medications and skincare products to curtail, prevent, and treat acne. Continuous development and introduction to the market of such products have led to an almost saturation for acne medications.


However, some people are just not comfortable in using available acne medications. There are many reasons they cite. First, such treatment products usually contain harsh ingredients that bring about unlikely side effects. Second, irritation could be an inevitable by-product of such treatments. Third, most of such products could be considered expensive. Thus, many individuals still choose to use at-home acne remedies to overcome the skin problem.


What natural remedies are there? It is not clear where the following home remedies and practices have originated but it is logical that most of them have been observed and performed for countless years now to eliminate acne problems.


Use Of Herbs


In your backyard or garden you could find several plants and herbs that could help treat the problem. One of those is aloe vera, which has natural extracts that could heal acne lesions as well as provide antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and soothing properties. Peppermint could help relieve inflamed acne. Sandalwood could facilitate effective acne control.


Prepared Remedies


Most at-home acne remedies are simple preparations, using materials that are often rendered useless and insignificant. First, orange peel could be grinded before mixing with water to produce a paste. This should be applied to the acne-infected skin area at least once a day. The paste should remain for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes before it is washed off.


Make a solution of lemon juice and rose water. The mixture should contain equal amounts of the two. The resulting solution should be absorbed by a cotton ball, which should be applied to the affected skin for up to 30 minutes before you wash it out. The process could be done daily for 20 days to completely get rid of the skin condition and avoid any formation of unlikely mark.


In a blender, combine one tablespoon of honey, peeled apple, cucumber extract, and yoghurt. The sticky solution that is produced should be applied to the skin before being dried for about 20 minutes. The solution should be washed off with lukewarm water.


For acne prevention, produce paste from combination of honey and oatmeal. This would produce a facial mask. Apply it to the skin on a daily basis for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off. The mask is effective in cleansing and hydrating the skin while eliminating presence of unwanted bacteria that causes the problem.


The Toothpaste Solution


Another traditional home remedy is application of toothpaste into the affected skin area. Among at-home acne remedies, this one is raising brows because it seems ineffective. However, many experts attest that doing so could be effective because toothpaste could eliminate excess moisture and bacteria buildup. You could try it on your own.


Different At Home Acne Remedies are being used to help treat the skin problem without any cost or medical intervention. Learn more by checking out the link Acne Treatment Skin Care right away.