Shopping atstores like Eddie Bauer and Fossil will net great results for winter layering ideas. Layering clothing has always been a really cool way to express your fashion forward style and taste. Early fall and winter months are great times to decide what items you will layer. Both men and women look good when they layer clothing. There are timeless clothing styles for both genders and a few of these trends can be followed to help both men and women layer clothing in style.

1. Sweaters

Cable knit sweaters have never gone out of style; when you pair this design with a cardigan style sweater, layering is simply a no-brainer. You can don a cool crew neck t-shirt or a very thin sweater under the crew neck. This layering idea is very fashion forward and allows you to really express your style when it comes to the colors you decide to pair together. You can wear a very muted colored cardigan with a bold colored shirt underneath. Or, you can layer a very thin sweater with your cable knit sweater that expresses the style of the season. Tunics are also great sweaters for layering in the Fall and Winter. Tunics are better suited for women than men, however, in recent years men have layered longer tunics over crew neck t-shirts in a very stylish manner. You can wear both jeans and dress pants when you layer sweaters in the aforementioned manner.

2. Winter Vests

Winter vests, especially in down fabrics, are really great for layering. This style again can be worn by both men and women. Winter vests are great for winter sports, such as skiing, sledding and snowboarding. This is because the vest allows for movement of your arms while keeping your bodice warm and comfy. Winter vests are very fashionable and have never gone out of style. This is the case whether you are into winter sports or just winter fashion. Again, this is a case where you can express your style with color. You can wear a neutral toned sweater and layer a very bold color over it when you select your vest. Or, you can do the reverse and wear a very cool winter design on your sweater, and then later a neutral tone vest over it. As with the sweaters mentioned above, winter vests can also be layered with jeans; however, they typically don’t wear well with dress pants, slacks or dresses.

3. Baby Doll Dress

Many women stop wearing dresses in the Winter, however, Winter and Fall are great months to layer a cute little baby doll dress over leggings. Leggings have come back with a vengeance in the fashion scene. The resurgence of this fashion trend allows for great layering options. Not only will a baby doll dress look great over leggings, but the cute little dress looks great over regular pants and even thicker fabrics like corduroy. The baby doll dress allows you to have an element of femininity, while layering for warmth and comfort in the Fall and Winter months.


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