Are you one of those people who had so much hair as a teenager and gradually lost most of it by the time you turned 30. Natural hair shedding is only 100 strands a day. I speak from my experience as a young mother. I had hair that reached my rear end when I was a teen and it was very thick until I turned 20, then it was downhill from their. I began to study hair loss, the causes, the treatments and the cure. What I learned was heartbreaking, there is no cure and there isn’t one solution that will grow long thick hair. Don’t you think that if there was then everyone would be walking around with very thick hair. There are only a few things that can give you hope, nutrition, exercise and moisturizers.

Hair needs certain nutrients that help it grow healthy. Some of the important vitamin and minerals are found in all the different colored vegetables but especially in green leafy ones. You can’t skip out on the recommended amount of protein your body needs. Your hair needs it more than anything else. The best kind of meat for your hair is fish, especially salmon. Salmon has Omega-3 that promotes healthy hair growth.

Exercise is very good for your hair because it promotes a healthy scalp with healthy pores that breathe. If you have a scalp that is flaky and itchy or even too oily you have to correct this problem. A dry scalp means dandruff and dandruff clogs the pores as does excessive sebum. Once a pore has been clogged then you can say good bye to that strand of hair because it closes for good. This is scary but it is a fact. A strand of hair that was once thick becomes thinner and thinner shorter and shorter and eventually falls out for good.

Keeping your hair well moisturized will prevent it from breakage while you are brushing. Hair that is too dry will break while you brush it while hair that is moisturized will bounce. Use conditioner from your ears and down avoiding the scalp. Conditioner is not good for your scalp; it will only clog the pores. You can use oils that will provide some essential nutrients like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc.

So let’s face it there isn’t a silver bullet for hair loss, the best thing you can do is prevent it and take care of the few surviving hairs that you do have. You will notice a huge difference once you start to follow the tips I have given which are: a diet for healthy hair, exercise and good moisturizing.

Cynthia writes online about best hair loss treatment and also writes about acne skin care products.