We all know that are a ton of different products on the market that can fix dry hair. Companies like Terax, Fudge and Goldwell are constantly telling us that the only to treat our damaged hair is by buying their newest product. What we don’t really hear a lot of, though, is what actually causes dry hair. So why does our hair dry out? Why does it get so damaged and hard to manage? There are several reasons for this.

One of the main things that causes dry hair is the sun. You know how your skin drys out after you spend some serious time outside? Well, the same thing happens to your hair. It’s not quite as obvious or painful but it’s true. The nasty UV rays that cause sunburn and skin cancer also cause dry and damaged hair. So how can we prevent the sun from damaging our hair? There are several ways actually. You could wear a hat, for example. Since most of the damage inflicted by the sun happens at the roots, the hat doesn’t even have to cover your whole head! If you’re not a big fan of hats, consider using a UV treatment on your hair. There are a ton of different shampoos and conditioners available that help to prevent damage caused by sunshine.

Another problem that hair has to deal with involves the wind. Wind can place unnecessary stress on the roots of the hair by pulling in awkward direction. Take care to stay inside if there is some serious wind blowing outside.

The last factor that can lead to dry and damaged hair is salt water. If you like to swim in the ocean – That’s great! Take care afterward though. You want to make sure that you have a fresh water shower to wash all the sea salt out of your hair.

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