The Ken paves self help line consists of a number of professional hair care products. It is a 100 percent harmless sulphate free collection specially created for the hairstylist treatment at home. The self help professional line constitutes hair cream, shampoo, conditioner, hair glosser, and enhanced elasticity balm, color boosting finishing products, styling mist and holding hairsprays.

Many other hair cleansing products employ sulphate for producing fine lather. But it is really damaging for hairs. It damages the cuticle and takes away natural shine, leaving hairs dead and dry. The sulphate free shampoo by ken Paves is best for the human hair as well as synthetic hair extensions. They possess a gentle cleansing action even without requiring the inclusion of any harmful chemical.

The special conditioner, with the brand name, Ken Paves self help hydrophobicity enhancing conditioner is a fantabulous product. These products are made with coenzyme Q10 and many essentials oils for solving the usual hair health issues. It is basically an anti aging enzyme that retards the aging and striping off process of your hairs. The coenzyme treatment results in younger and healthier hairs. It also preserves the natural shine and color of hairs.

The entire collection serves as a best solution for the dry damaging hair. The remarkable products nourish and restore the natural health of the hairs. These products contain several essential natural oils. These oils give a softer and smoother feel to your hairs. In addition to the essential oils, the self help products also contain natural vitamins and proteins including wheat protein, soy protein and other essential agents.

The Ken paves self help line presents a remarkable color boosting product. It not only boosts up the color but also helps to preserve it. It is sold as Ken Paves Self help elasticity color infusion. These products have an entirely natural origin. The entire collection does not contain any synthetic ingredient such as preservative or fragrance.  So these products can be used by people with sensitive scalp and skin. Thus the entire self help line helps you to advance towards healthier hairs.


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