Government of India on January 23 announced that the next 6 months ban on imports of Chinese toys. Under the current financial crisis, China’s toy enterprises would certainly add. Because, according to Indian media reports, from 1992 to 2003, the Indian toy manufacturers from China per week, 1.2 million toys. In particular, in 1997, the Chinese toy once occupied 80% of the market in India.

India restrict imports of Chinese toys is not a Unique Copy and case, the French Alstom Transport Equipment Co., Ltd. Philip mellier recently accepted the British “Financial Times” interview, said Western companies in China should Train exports off the market, because China’s domestic market is closed to foreign suppliers.

Sentence call to action words from a world-famous enterprises in the mouth responsible person, can not help but feel that undercurrent of protectionism are surging under the global financial crisis, people should maintain vigilance.

Recently, the United States launched an attack on China frequently. On December 19 last year, the United States of Mexico to the WTO joint prosecution of China, said China “by export subsidies to promote sales of famous brand in China.” December 22, the U.S. International Trade Commission to 6 votes in favor, 0 votes against the vote in support of the U.S. Department of Commerce on certain steel imports from China up to 40% levy countervailing duties. December 23, U.S. Department of Commerce announced on imports from China and the grid metal partition kitchen collection up to 197% of the countervailing duty. The final awards will be announced in May this year.

China has become the victim of a new round of trade protectionism. Last year early in December, the European Union to 15 members in favor, 12 votes against the passage of fasteners products from China imposed a period of 5 years an average of 80% of the anti-dumping duties resolutions. The resolution of EU anti-dumping cases to date one of the largest. Since then, the EU also decided to come from China, Russia, Belarus, pipe levied a 5-year anti-dumping duties against Chinese products in which the tax rate as high as 90.6%.

Addition to European and American countries, other countries are also raising the threshold of imports of goods. Brazilian Foreign Trade Commission has decided to agree to accept the Brazilian Association for the tire industry, imported from China bus and truck tires 1.33 U.S. dollars per kilogram levy provisional anti-dumping duties. In addition, the Indian Commerce and Industry has announced its decision to begin from Japan, China, South Korea, the European Union, South Africa, Thailand and the United States imports of cold-rolled sheet of stainless steel anti-dumping investigation.

Trade protectionism is the game of today’s global economy, new forms of development of China’s foreign trade had a greater negative impact. China has for 11 years to become the largest anti-dumping investigation by the state, involved annual loss of 30 billion to 40 billion U.S. dollars.

Positive response to structural adjustment Then, in the face of the new round of trade protectionism, the rise, neither the U.S. nor the EU, as well as the interests of followers of other groups, in a recent series on China’s trade practices, we must clearly recognize that this international environment for economic survival, and in-depth analysis and study countermeasures, in the face of different countries adopted different tactics.

Source in order to curb this trend, experts say the most important prescription is to implement an effective economic stimulus plan, by expanding domestic demand to reduce dependence on external markets, thus reducing the threat of trade protectionism. Currently, in addition to the major cities continue to expand domestic demand, the strong development of medium and small cities and rural market has become a new focus.

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