I don’t know anything about you — but, if you’re at all like me… The wrong side of 50 by a long shot, you should seriously think about using the best moisturizer for very dry skin.

Lots of us old guys think why the hell should we start using skin creams and moisturizes now, seeing we haven’t bothered using one for the past 50 or 60 years.

I have to confess… Up until six months ago that’s exactly how I felt. But, I’ve changed my mind — because I now know using one has made a huge improvement to my complexion. Simply applying a good quality natural anti-aging skin cream with high levels of active ingredients once or twice a day.

Between 50 and 60 years old your skin deteriorates noticeably quicker than it did between 40 and 50. Now, the bad news is from 60 onwards it gets even worse, the wrinkles get deeper quicker and quicker. So, if you want to end up being a wrinkly “old dude” like me by 65…”Ignore what I’m about to say.”

The most important thing you can do for your skin is to stop it getting very dry. Once you go past 50 it is important to hydrate, moisturize and nourish it.

To do this you need to find the “best moisturizer for dry skin” you can get your hands on.

Most women have been smart enough to add moisture and hydrate their faces over the years. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case with most men. — So, you guys need to get on board and do some hydrating and moisturizing to make a real difference to that dry, wrinkled face of yours.

What you need to add to your facial skin is emollients and moisturizers — they have similar properties and their main function is to hydrate (increase moisture, water, natural oils) and also prevent moisture loss.

There some great natural hydrating substances available that I know about — and here’s just a few:

Cynergy TK”(TM)” with functional keratin”(TM)” — Macadamia Oil — D-Panthenol — Phytessence Wakame — Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10… CoenzymeQ10 in a new “nano-emulsion”

Don’t ignore your skin and kid yourself it will be okay as you get older…”It won’t.” Take some friendly advice from someone who’s been there and done the wrong thing… Do something positive today to help your complexion — “Tomorrow Will Be Too Late.”

At my website, I go into more detail on the best moisturizer for very dry skin that I use, and discuss other relevant anti-aging anti-wrinkle issues, that can contribute to you having a more comfortable, smoother looking complexion.

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