Today many people from different countries enjoy multiple kinds of sports like rugby, football, cricket, hockey and baseball to name only a few. Various outdoor activities such as hiking and jogging are also very popular with teenagers and adults. It is worth mentioning that any outdoor activity or sport workout is impossible without special apparel. High quality sports base layers are a must for professional and amateur athletes as well as people who lead active lifestyles.

It is interesting that stretchable under layers may fulfil many important functions. First of all, they regulate body temperature by wicking moisture away. It is worth mentioning that new models of under layers both absorb water well and provide antimicrobial protection. That is why they not only reduce perspiration but also eliminate unpleasant odours. Furthermore, high quality base layers minimise the build up of lactic acid by compressing the muscles of the wearer. It stimulates blood circulation and enhances the transport of oxygen.

Many studies show that the reduction of lactic acid may facilitate faster recovery of muscles which is highly beneficial for people’s health. In addition, specially designed stretchable layers not only protect muscles minimising the risk of potential injuries but also allow people to perform at the optimum level. Finally, specially designed pieces of clothing offer UV protection which is vital for professional sportsmen.

It is important to remember that stretchable layers come in different types of fabric suitable for various weather conditions. Microweight layers are usually used in mild and slightly cool conditions. Lightweight base layers are suitable for cool and moderately cool conditions while midweight models are designed for low temperatures. Finally, there are special heavyweight layers are used in very cold and blustery weather conditions. When choosing stretchable tops and bottoms one should take into consideration one’s physical characteristics. It is obvious that some people don’t get cold fast while others are very sensitive to low temperatures. People should think about their physique and the prevailing weather conditions in order to make the right purchase.

Comfortable base layers come in a variety of materials but the most popular are synthetic and wool. The most practical and widely used among sportsmen are synthetic layers. They usually are made from polyester and its blends with additions of spandex and elastin. Polyester is a synthetic fibre that is used to effectively transport moisture while spandex enhances elasticity and flexibility of under layers. Synthetic sports base layers are lightweight, wrinkle resistant and easy to care for. It is worth mentioning that layers may also be made of merino wool. Such layers are lightweight and pleasant to the skin. Furthermore, it is possible to wash them in a washing machine as they are wrinkle resistant. Wool layers are good for winter sports as they provide additional thermal protection.

High quality base layers are important pieces of clothing popular not only with sportsmen but also with the general public. Base layers can be worn as underwear or on their own as a regular item of clothing. Stretchable tops and bottoms may be ideal for multiple outdoor activities and vigorous training sessions.

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