Best hair care in spring
Spring brings with it an additional set of problems for any hair. Repair hair damage with best hair care and conditioning.
Once winter is over, with best hair treatment the hair follicles should start to become revitalized again. Many people, however, have not taken good care of their hair during the harsh winter months, so they tend to notice brittle and dry hair with split ends that now need to be taken care of.
If the hair has been neglected during winter, it can always be fixed in spring with a bit of care. Most probably by now the split ends are breaking havoc on many scalps and the best way to deal with that is simply have a hair cut in order to get those split ends off. The individual damages to the hair might warrant different lengths to be cut off. As a side note, it is said that short hair is in style again this spring.
After the heavy and harsh winter months each hair type needs a revitalizing deep mosturizing treatment that removes the winter dryness from it. The same applies to the skin as well. The skin looks dull after the cold months, but a fresh peeling mask will bring back the glow to every skin type.
Hair static can be countered with some leave-in detangler and conditioner. The detangler has the effect of protecting the hair and calming the static ions. The added conditioner will increase the level of moisture to the hair cuticles to freshen and revitalize the hair. At the same time it will bring back the hair shine that was lacking throughout winter.
After washing the hair it should be dried with good dry hair care tool. Avoiding the old traditional hair dryer models is a must. Mostly hair dryer with negative ions and with tourmaline added to them should be used. These have the effect of giving the hair that much needed shine, While making it more manageable at the same time. Sadly the traditional hair dryers tend to give positive ions which damage the hair as they open up the hair cuticles leaving the hair fizzy and fizzled.
Of course, the best tip on proper hair care in spring is to actually follow the winter hair treatment tips as these will ensure the hair will keep its shine and health all throughout the heavy, cold and dry temperatures.