Talking about radiation household appliances
, we will soon think of computers, televisions, microwave ovens, but often neglect the smaller ones, hair dryer, in fact it is the “Radiation King”!

An ordinary household 1000W of hairdryer, radiation value of 350mG about (mG: mm Lakes is the magnetic field units), while the TV and computer monitors, radiation values were about 45mG and 100mG, far below the hair dryer the amount of radiation. Since the use of hair dryer, the radiation from the head than other electrical distance to near, so radiation damage is self-evident.

“Hair dryer really is a high radiation household appliances, especially in the open and close when the maximum radiation, the greater the radiation and the greater power.” China Building Standard Design & Research Institute deputy director of engineering design, electrical design studio Director Huang Zukai introduction, electromagnetic radiation is a complex of electromagnetic waves, the human body contains a series of biological life activity electrical activity, these organisms on the environment of electromagnetic wave power is very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation can affect and harm the human body.

When the body is subject to electromagnetic radiation, it will cause central nervous system and mental dysfunction, mainly dizziness, fatigue, memory loss, loss of appetite, insomnia, forgetfulness and other symptoms of sub.

The proper use of hair dryer

Since the use of hair dryer, the sources?? Hair dryer close to the head from the back-end motor parts, it is easy because the electromagnetic radiation cause dizziness, weakness, so use the hair dryer should be to maintain the correct methods, such as Open and close the hair dryer to make farther away from the head; to use, it is best to keep the hair dryer with the head vertical; not prolonged use, the best break stop.

Small coup against the home of radiation

Addition to hair dryer and other appliances of the radiation can not “underestimate,” Huang Zukai Director introduced several anti-coup radiation household appliances, such as the operation of the computer, at least 30 cm from the screen above, boot the biggest moment of electromagnetic radiation, should be avoided; watching TV, preferably more than 3 meters from the TV, shut down immediately away from the TV; use the microwave oven, at least 0.5 meters or more away from the furnace, the eyes do not look at door, not the stove for a long time Station, remove the food from the oven, the best to eat up a few minutes; blankets for pregnant women, children, the elderly most damaging, should be used with caution, because the blanket itself is equivalent to an electromagnetic field, even if the power source, radiation is still disrupt the body’s natural electric field.

In their daily diet, we should eat more carrots, tomatoes, kelp, lean meat, animal liver and other rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and protein food, to strengthen the capacity of the body against electromagnetic radiation.
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