I know that most of the cosmetics companies in the business advertise that they have at least one all natural skin care line available, and many of them claim that all of the products that they sell are all natural. If you take a closer look at the formulas that they are talking about you will come to realize that what they are telling you might not exactly be true.

As a matter of fact you will see that a large portion of these claims have no validity at all. You see, the cosmetics industry has for years built their formulas around the use of dangerous chemicals as ingredients, and very few of them have strayed away from this practice. You may find a few healthy ingredients here and there, but very few indeed.

These companies will sometimes put the “organic” stamp on their products, because they contain a handful of natural ingredients. These products can hardly be dubbed as part of an all natural skin care line when the same chemical additives and preservatives remain. It may sound as though what they are doing is false advertising, but it is all allowable under the law in most places.

The courts continually allow these companies to use any type of ingredients that they want in their products despite the outcry from the medical community, the scientists, and the regulating bodies that oversee the cosmetics industry. These groups want these chemical agents removed from cosmetics products, because they can cause great damage to you physically.

Instead of treating your skin without any chance of causing you harm as an all natural skin care line should, those that are primarily made up of chemicals can cause lasting problems. They have been found to have an estrogen like effect on the body, cause possible organ and neurotoxicity, and they play a key role in the development of certain types of cancer.

When you buy what is claimed to be an all natural product do your research on it in order to be sure that you are not being duped. When analyzing the product you should find it to be made up of nothing more than oils and emollients that are plant based, natural extracts, enzymes, and proteins that will be beneficial for your skin and that will not cause you any harm.

I will tell you that what is probably considered the best all natural skin care line is one that is being produced in New Zealand. These formulas are guaranteed 100% all natural, and they will do things for your skin that no other formulas will do. If products that will stimulate the natural growth of new collagen and elastin in your skin don’t amaze you then I don’t know what would.

This all natural skin care line will also raise your levels of hyaluronic acid giving you the greatest age fighting ability that can be found anywhere in the industry. This is a product line that you should surely try if you are truly in search of products that will give you results, and that will give them to you without any danger.

Andrea Marshall is a researcher of skin care and health supplement products. Visit her site now at http://www.healthy-solutions-source.com to get the facts on how to choose the best products for your youthful and healthy life.