There are different types of skin infection and one of them is the skin infection cellulitis. Cellulite is a condition where the skin is invaded by infectious bacteria to the deeper layers. It is an inflammation of the spread of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, including muscle stretches in some cases. The infection can go deeper and empty into the bloodstream and cause more infections in other parts of the body.

The infection enters the body through cuts, scratches, cuts, openings surgery, tattoos, insect or animal bites, ulcers and other unnecessary opening in the skin. Because of this, it is best to immediately clean the wound or disinfect an opening in the skin to prevent the entry of bacteria.

This is the general medical term for dry skin. When your skin becomes dry and itchy, naturally becomes the itching. Xerosis is usually caused by lack of moisture, excessive time spent bathing or swimming and using hot or cold water regularly. More than anything else, people with xerosis need to be especially careful in the choice of products from skin care they use.

If you are experiencing uneven skin tone or discoloration of the skin, the first thing you have to do is have it inspected to make sure you do not have an underlying skin disease. Two diseases that can cause uneven skin tone as part of its symptoms are tinea versicolor and vitiligo. For tinea versicolor, stains the skin becomes lighter or darker in color and is caused by an infection of the skin. The infection is caused specifically by a type of fungus, thought by the dermatologist as feeding the skin’s natural oils and dead skin cells, allowing them to spread to much of the skin.

It is a common cause of cellulitis in young children before the vaccine for this bacteria has developed. Today, very few cases of cellulitis infection has been reported to have originated from this bacteria.

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