Ticks are one of the most dangerous species which can transmit diseases to mammals including human beings. The pets we usually rear in our houses undergo threat to this menace when we leave them without much care. Here Frontline has a great role to play in saving you and your pet from this harm. So we as well as our pets are to be checked frequently to confirm whether any type of extraordinary rash or small ticks are found on the skin. One of the most dangerous diseases transmitted by ticks is Borellia, also known as Borelli. It is one of the most serious bacterial diseases. A ring shaped reddish rash on the surface of the skin at the bite site is the sign shown by this disease. It is better consult a qualified physician if the rash size grows gradually greater than 5 cm in diameter. It is estimated that 10 to 15 % of humans are contracted with neuroborreliose resulting later in facial nerve paralysis. The disease may be severe if untreated. Sustained cases of this disease may sometimes slowly lead to dementia. So the most important thing to do first of all is to consult as early as possible a qualified physician. In addition to above mentioned symptoms, flu-like symptoms may also be not uncommon.
Usually the ticks may find places on body surface where they get warmer. Groin, armpit, knees etc., are where they find it safe to live for the time being, gradually attacking you without your attention
So stay always away from this harmful disease by simply using Frontline on your pet, because pets are the commonest forms of carrier of ticks. To apply Frontline on your pets such as dogs or cats is very easy. Just twenty four hour is enough for the Frontline to work on them. This small treatment will usually act on them for 8 weeks. Your pets do not show any kind of uneasiness while using Frontline.

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