Some people said it guard and drip darker test. This fact is superior to exceed A. So will come from the details. To say the Jimmy Choo Handbags AAA goes around the white skin aging linen pillow bags, margin (such as LV bag etc.) genuine shells, straight, usually very fine round of a three-dimensional, is even not disconnect is down to see juncture, no distortion or slightly twisted, some even is tasted good imitation scan will be slightly rough, but this is no comparison, no sense of self may feel why.i.

Second is the leather straps, LV aglet even inclined backpack, and the whole article down to no juncture, this requires high, skin of cortical loss is great. General copy product is accomplished very hard but not equal to (do not) have the handle is walked arm in arm. The real hand made smooth mellow, without ruffled. The light is a bit poor imitation of the product and ZhuanSheChu often have wrinkles. But most have A more general super can do not wrinkle.

Someone said that can see from color. This is the most misleading. Because of different Alexander wang handbags AAA monopoly with period is impossible with completely different color of skin. This long oxidation degree of different color is endless also and same. To know the cortex, even if no single put long, the color will become. Such as classic pillow bags, seems, bought many before the secret is lubricious. But the most recent buy is very white color.

With skin from pictures are not particularly easy to see, especially used in turn honey colored. But if it is a new packet, especially walked arm in arm the handle came from, can handle. Genuine leather bag with new shangqu somewhat like the feeling, feels a bit slightly astringent, look, the pore without burnish. With the old, cortex, maintain proper closed pore, the burnish, also can become flexibility. But with the bag, false, even can do no wrinkles, but in the new time is bright, is a kind of soft toughening but not feeling. With the old, good copy of each package Burberry handbags AAA with true, to tell the truth, not out.

Looks brighter than genuine will hard. (if you throw LV, many people will think of cortical looks fake bag bag strong than really?) but don’t think with genuine leather straps no puckering oh (here refers to the shoulder belt, walked arm in arm with also won’t have wrinkled), or the leather, choose a good, use for a long time, often fold, absolutely aglet wrinkle! It must be used with skin LV where oxen which the cowhide, and maintain proper, if there is a mosquito bites the scar, would be LV adopts!!!!!!!!!! True enough, people are not necessarily the abnormal reached this level! I think if possible, LV will specially herds, and regularly use captive taste? Under the new pillow underneath reference on the bag with skin, you feel it’s pores. There GaXian above, below the color facility.

Another match on the edge of the skin from seal paint, but it also depends on relatively new. New and more obvious difference, the true package with the edge sealing side is palm red paint. Like now also some tannin or comparison of sealing paint color will slightly a little bit shallow, but no light. Imitation is too shallow hair orange. Besides color, sealing paint color depth, and does not overflow. Special attention with metal buckles leather handle engagement, sealing side and Turner is still not uniform thickness, because changes shape rough. In the details of usually will happen.

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