People with dry skin can experience various problems both in winter and summer. This is often caused by cold wind which is notorious for taking away the skin’s natural moisture, however, summer months can also lead to irritation due to being overly exposed to different factors such as sun, salt water, and chlorinated water.

Being exposed to UV radiation can be irritating because it tends to dry out your skin. Moreover, ocean water contains high levels of salt that can also dehydrate the skin while exposure to pool water can cause irritation and rashes.

Some simple changes in your summer routine can go a long way. Before you decide that skin care isn’t that important, keep in mind that treating a dry face is not just about looking good, but also about keeping your body healthy. What does dry skin have to do with your body’s health? Facial dry skin is more prone to cracking, which increases the risk of bacteria entering your bloodstream and harming your health.

Moderate Your Exposure to the Sun

Summer is all about tanning, but sun exposure can lead to major damage. In fact, most fair skinned people sunburn quite easily. Sunburns lead to dryness and subsequent peeling of the skin.

The skin will quickly begin to lose its protection. If you want to keep this from happening you need to regulate your time in the sun. Also, remember that wearing protective clothing and using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more is a great way to protect your skin from UV damage.

Summer Requires a Gentler Treatment

If you have dry skin then harsh soaps are a big no-no. Look for products that do not contain fragrances or alcohol as they can irritate your skin. Since dry skin is also sensitive, it is a good idea that you avoid soaps, alcohol, and fragrances because they may cause irritation.

If you are out purchasing a body wash make sure that you find one that contains soothing ingredients such as oatmeal, licorice or Aloe Vera. Remember, your facial skin care routine should always include a cream cleanser and a creamy moisturizer. However, if your skin is considered really dry skin, then you should try using oil as a cleanser and moisturizer.

Don’t Get Obsessive with your Pool time

Long, hot showers and hours in the pool can lead to really dry skin. This is why it is important to take shorter showers with warm water and watch your time in the pool.

Try to apply a moisturizing lotion as soon as you wash off the chlorine from the pool or salt from the ocean. If you’ve forgotten to pack your moisturizer, towel off as much as possible. Keep in mind that excess water takes moisture from your skin when it evaporates.

Change your Current Shaving Routine For women, summer is synonymous with shaving their legs which is why most women will shave more during summer than any other season. However, too much shaving can lead to irritation. In order to keep this from happening you should use a fresh blade every time you shave.

To keep your skin healthy it is important to follow a regular dry skin care routine that contains soothing products. BIOBALM is an excellent skin care cream and natural skin care product that contains soothing biological ingredients, such as snail serum, which makes it ideal for all types of skin.