Is there any such thing a real natural skin care company? You wouldn’t think so by looking at the products that are hitting the store shelves most of the time. Just about every company in the industry claims that at least some of the products they are providing you with are all natural, but all that you have to do is look at these and other products they are manufacturing to be able to see the truth.

What is commonly done in the cosmetics industry is that a company will provide a product that they claim is organic, but that actually only contains a handful of natural ingredients. The rest of the product is more than likely developed using chemical agents in the place of the real ones that you need. In my opinion this could be considered fraudulent, but it doesn’t matter what I think because it is perfectly legal.

Anyone can claim to be a natural skin care company nowadays, because there is no regulation as to what a cosmetics company can or cannot put into their products. There is also no regulation so far as what they can claim their products to be capable of. In most cases, you have no idea what might be in your product, or what it might do to you.

The U.S. FDA and the European Union have been trying to crack down on the cosmetics industry for years now, but only the EU has had any success. The federal courts in the United States have continuously acted to block any regulation the FDA has tried to pass restricting the use of chemical agents suspected of being harmful to humans. This is why you must be extremely cautious when shopping for cosmetics.

You need to find a natural skin care company that truly uses nothing less than 100% all natural ingredients in their products. You simply can’t take a chance on a cosmetics product that contains ingredients that are proven to, or are suspected of causing cancer, and neurotoxicity. There is no benefit to using a formula that has chemicals in it.

The only way that your skin is going to benefit from a skin care formula is if it contains only plant oils, waxes, and extracts, along with a variety of proteins and enzymes carefully selected for the positive effect that they have. These are the ingredients that you need in order to receive all of the essential nutrients, and antioxidants that your skin needs in order to be healthy.

One natural skin care company that is coming to the forefront is located in New Zealand. This company has discovered a way that through the use of proteins and plant extracts that they can stimulate the growth of your skin’s connective tissue. Their wonderful products will actually create new collagen and elastin, and raise the level of your hyaluronic acid.

Believe me if healthy, wrinkle free skin is what you are after then this natural skin care company is the answer to your prayers. Try their products, because they are a company whose products and claims you can believe in.

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