Skin diseases is a broad terminology used of a variety of skin disorder caused by many internal and external factors like genetic, viral, bacterial, inflammatory, allergic and environment hazards.

A skin disease causes misery, incapacity, mental suffering and economic loss to a person because of its visibility.

By carefully analysing ones horoscope, an astrologer not only can predict the exact cause of skin problems, but can also suggest some astrological remedies.


Factors Responsible for Skin Disorders

Ascendant: general mental and physical health
2nd house: represent face, pimples on face, facial scars
6th house: sickness
Saturn: natural significator of skin, age related problems, eczema, incurable diseases
Moon: blood impurity, anaemia
Venus: beauty of skin
Mercury: stress in life, skin problems
Mars: boils, rashes, allergies, measles


Different combination for various skin diseases:



Afflicted Ascendant and Moon causes blood impurity
Sun, Mars and Saturn placed together in any house cause leprosy
A weak malefic planet posited in ascendant and in heavy affliction may induce leprosy
Moon, Saturn and Mars together are posited in Cancer/ Scorpio/ Pisces, native may suffer from leprosy
Venus, Saturn, Mars, Moon together placed in a watery sign and in heavy affliction may cause lingering death due to severe leprosy
Jupiter and Venus/Moon placed in 6th house and aspected by a malefic
6th lord associated with Rahu/Ketu posited in ascendant/8th/10th house may cause leprosy
Lords of ascendant, 6th and 8th placed together in 6th house
If Moon/Mercury as lord of ascendant associated with Rahu/Ketu and aspected by Saturn causes leprosy



Moon, Sun and a malefic posited in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces gives the problem of leucoderma
Moon, Venus and a malefic planet placed in a movable sign causes leucoderma
Mars and Saturn posited in 2nd/12th house, Moon in ascendant, and Sun is placed in 7th house
Rahu, Sun, Mars/Saturn associated with Moon and Mercury/ ascendant
A malefic planet in Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces may cause white patches on the body

Ascendant posited in 8th house associated /aspected by malefic, chances of having white patches increases
Moon in ascendant hammed between two malefic planets posited in 2nd and 12th
Moon, Mars and Saturn together placed in Aries/Taurus



Mercury and Rahu associated with lord of ascendant/6th, cause eczema
6th lord is in inimical sign/inauspiciously placed/retrograde/debilitate cause eczema
6th lord is with a malefic and aspected by a malefic being placed in ascendant/8th/10th



Saturn is strong and posited in 3rd with Mars causes itching to the native.


Chickenpox and measles

Mars in ascendant aspected by Sun and Saturn, native may suffer from chickenpox.
Sun in ascendant aspected by Mars or Mars in ascendant aspected by sun causes chickenpox.
6th lord placed in 7th aspected by Mars.
Lords of ascendant and 6th placed together with Mars causes measles.
Saturn in 8th house and Mars in 7th/9th house cause chickenpox.


Boils, pimples, rashes and sores

Mars with the 6th lord causes skin problems like boils, rashes and sores etc.
Mars and Ketu placed in 6th/8th causes skin problems.
Mars and Saturn placed in 6th/12th causes boils [skin abscesses].
Saturn in 8th and Mars in 7th, causes pimples on the face
6th lord and a malefic posited in ascendant/8th, causes boil.
6th lord associated with Rahu/Ketu placed in ascendant the native may suffer from boil.
Saturn, Mars and Jupiter placed in 4th, the native may have lingering boils besides having severe heart problems.






Geeta Jha is a spiritual healer, an astrologer and a dedicated disciple of reiki-pranic and huna mystics. She has been helping people with spiritual healing and astrology for over ten years.