As we all know, our hair is always short of water in winter. The hair style is usually out of order in the morning. In fact, so long as you pay more attention to the hair care tips, you also can find that it is easy to take care of your hair in winter. Herewith 10 hair care tips as follows.

Tips 1 silk scarves for Hair

May be you can’t believe that silk scarves are good for your hair. In fact, silk scarves are very useful for you to take care of your hair at night. You’d better select a piece of long silk scarves. The size is larger than your pillow. Put it on your pillow before you go to bed. You will find your hair is smooth and wet in the next morning.

Tips 2 Hair Conditioner

You’d better use the hair conditioner after cleaning. It can supply more nutrition for your hair. In addition, you also can select the no-clean hair conditioner at any time and any place. It is fit to use in the office.

Tips 3 Hair Drier

It seems to be convenient to use hair drier in daily life. In fact, it is not good for your hair. If you have to use hair drier, you’d better don’t make the hair dry completely. You should leave some water to keep your hair wet. And then you can leave hair to dry naturally.

Tips 4 Comb

In my opinion, you’d better have two combs. One is for wet hair, and the other is for dry hair. You can buy a massage comb. It is better for blood circulation. Therefore, it can enhance the grow speed.

Tips 5 Regular Trim

In fact, hair needs to be cut off regularly. It will be a fork at the end of hair. If you don’t trim, it will become dry. In this case, your hair will become unhealthy.

Tips 6 Massage

You’d better massage your scalp when you are cleaning. Massage can make your hair balance in water and oil. In addition, you can avoid hair in dry and yellow condition.

Tips 7 Sun Barrier Nursing

You’d better coat some sunscreen on your hair before you go to seaside or in the sun shine. In fact, hair is easy to be damaged in the worse condition. It’s a good idea to take an umbrella in the sun.

Tips 8 Reasonable Diet

As we all know, the hair needs nutrition. You’d better eat more fresh fruit and vegetable in daily life. Please get away from the fried food. It is bad for your hair.

Tips 9 Regular Life

You’d better have a normal and regular life rule. Good sleep is good for your body and hair. Please don’t stay in the air condition environment.

Tips 10 Shampoo

You’d better select the shampoo according to your hair condition. The suitable is the best. I think you can use the natural shampoo. It is better.


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