How to find shampoos that encourage hair growth is difficult. The problem is there are a lot of shampoos out there claiming to encourage growth or just grow hair. They tout special ingredients or elements that are known to grow hair, to coax people in. The only thing wrong with this is that these elements only work if taken internally, because they cannot be absorbed by the scalp. I guess if you drank these shampoos it might help your hair grow, but I would not want to do it.

Well lets review some shampoos that claim to re-grow hair.

Rogaine – This is probably the best known shampoo for re-growing hair. Reading the reviews it appears to have mixed reviews. It does appear to work on growing hair, but to a limited extent.
Nano -This is a good shampoo for thickening hair, but not good for growing. If you have thin hair, this would be good for you to thicken your hair.
Nioxin -This is another shampoo that is promoted as a hair growing shampoo. Reviews on this shampoo shows that it thickens the hair, but actual re-growth is questionable.
By targeting the outside of the scalp, all you are treating is the hair strand. The real meat of growing and re-growing hair is to reach the hair follicle. This is the root of the hair strand that provides nutrition and proteins.

So to get hair to grow and re-grow, you need to provide the proper nutrients to the hair follicles. Unless you are dieting, your normal intake of food will provide the necessary nutrients. But if you want to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients, you can take supplements. Supplements that contain vitamin A, complex B vitamins and vitamin H (biotin) are necessary for good hair growth.

For those of you suffering from male or female pattern baldness, there are two Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved means for re-growing hair and stopping hair loss,. One is an orally taken pill called Propecia. The other is a solution you rub on your scalp called Minoxidil.

Propecia- Was originally used to help men with an enlarged prostate when it was discovered it could grow hair. It is approved for men to combat male pattern baldness. It is not approved for women since it can cause birth defects in babies.
Minoxidil -Is a solution rubbed on the scalp. Unlike shampoos, you do not wash it out but let it stay to help circulate blood in the scalp. The FDA approves this for both men and women.
Conclusion – Shampoos by themselves do not promote hair growth, but they will leave your hair looking fuller. To re-grow hair, use the FDA approved drugs Propecia or Minoxidil.

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