Recently, I did a quick internet search for a men’s natural skin care brand. Some of the products I recognized immediately. The manufacturers do, in fact, use naturally occurring ingredients in their soaps, toothpaste and other toiletries. For the most part, the ingredients are safe.

Other companies are not so careful about the compounds included in their products. They make use of a great many essential oils, which are not what you might think.

Essential oils are concentrated plant fragrances. They are created by dropping petals, leaves or other plant parts in a distillation unit. The steam is transported through cooling tubes and the water drips into a collection tank, retaining the fragrance of the plant.

In early days, it was said that the water conveyed the “essence” of the plant. Even the coloring is sometimes transmitted through the steam and into the collection tank.

Obviously, they are not actually oil-based, but water-based ingredients. They are often confused with essential fatty acids, which are a major component of the skin’s own oil, referred to as sebum.

A men’s natural skin care brand that I evaluated recently had a shaving cream in their line. It contained not one, but three essential oils, but no essential fatty acids. The three essences included in the product were linalool, limonene and citronella. All of which are common allergens.

The ingredient’s label also listed “fragrance”. Manufacturers are not required to list the chemicals used to create a fragrance, but one thing is certain. All fragrances are common causes of allergic reactions.

The thing to remember here is that essential fatty acids are good for the skin’s health and appearance. Fragrances are not. It’s fine to use a bit of cologne, but don’t go overboard. Look for a men’s natural skin care brand that is fragrance free. It will work out for you better in the long run.

As far as shaving lubricants go, plain grape seed oil is one of the best. You can find it in gourmet food shops or order it online. It has a unique filming ability that makes it a good moisturizer, too. Some of the better anti-aging facial creams contain it.

The inclusion of antioxidants in anti-aging facial creams is a growing trend. Research has shown that antioxidants reverse and prevent sun-related damage. Coenzyme Q10, for example, has been shown to reverse wrinkles.

Another men’s natural skin care brand that I recently evaluated looked good, at first. It appeared to be free of fragrances and artificial preservatives, but then I saw that the company listed only the “key” ingredients. There was no complete listing of all of the ingredients.

It is important to know what compounds a company is recommending that you use on your face. Not all naturally occurring ingredients are safe. Oxybenzone, for example, is an organic naturally occurring sunscreen, but research has shown that it causes damage to DNA strands that could lead to cancer.

There is a men’s natural skin care brand that I would recommend, but I cannot mention it in this article. Take what you have learned here and let it help you find the safest and most effective products available.

Valerie Rosenbaum is an expert author on the subject of natural, anti-aging skin care products. She recommends only natural skin care products that use ingredients like cynergy tk and phytessence wakame. Visit her site to learn more about which skin care product line she uses and recommends.