In the cold winter, hair inevitably suffers from disaster, that is, dryness, static electricity, and water loss. So, in winter, how can we take care of our hair perfectly? Concerning the issue mentioned above, I have accumulated a great many hair care tips for your reference.
To start with, people can lay those silk scarves on pillows when sleeping, which can effectively prevent hair knotting and drying. Silk scarves are extremely silky, which determines the friction phenomenon between silk scarves and hair will not happen. Therefore, silk scarves will protect hair in good condition.
In addition, the most basic and most crucial approach among hair care tips is the cleaning. People should develop the good habit of washing hair constantly. At the same time, high-quality shampoo can not only remove dirt and grease, but also add nutrients and moisture for the hair, and enhance hair condition to make the hair healthier.
For another, be sure to use hair conditioner. The cationic surfactant in the hair conditioner can make the hair surfactant molecules in directional alignment, which will reduce the charge of hair, reduce resistance, and enhance the anti-static effect.
Fourthly, At least make hair care once a week, which can fantastically protect your hair.
Fifthly, the comb’s material for use had better be wood or horn, and it is not advisable to use plastic or metal comb, which are more prone to produce static electricity and damage hair.
Sixthly, let the hair “eat” selenium. Selenium is extremely important material to take good care of hair, because the selenium can enter into the hair deeply to make the hair sturdy. Intake of a certain amount of selenium daily is a good way to protect the hair in winter, and selenium is rich in nuts and fish, or purchasing oral selenium capsules at drugstores is also good idea.
Seventhly, waving hair and dying hair will make the hair in an extremely loss of water condition. Therefore, in winter, people should do their best to reduce the frequency of waving or dying hair.
Eighthly, excessively using the hair dryer will damage the hair of cortex and medulla, and make hair dry. Therefore, human beings should make the hair naturally dry as could as possible.
Ninthly, people should make constant exercise. Exercising can improve blood supply to the hair. When people make movement, negative ions in the air can accelerate the hair’s metabolism to some extent, and reduce the generation of scalp and reduce the generation of dander.
Tenthly, people should eat food rich in iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamin, which are beneficial for hair.
I expect those hair care tips mentioned above can improve your hair condition perfectly. 


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