Skin is one of the factors that make everyone worry as it reflects your beauty and confidence. Glowing skin is your biggest asset even you have dull complexion. Proper diet, your daily routines and exercises greatly contribute to your beauty factors. Dry skin may be your biggest problem you might be facing specially in winters.

If you are among those people who have dry skin, you will be anxious to find out ways to keep the skin hydrated for as long a time as possible. The lack of moisture makes the skin care for dry skin a great challenge. Women who have dry skin cannot wear make-up the way they would like to, as this would further sap the moisture from the skin.

Scented soaps, deodorant bars, as well as alcohol based products deplete natural oils from your skin thereby making it dry. Hence, prefer using a mild cleanser that is free of any fragrance. You can blot your skin gently so as to retain the moisture of your skin.

Dry skin too is a problem just like oily skin. A person with abnormally dry skin experience highly sensitive skin. It also has a scaly look. The sebaceous glands fail to produce enough sebum to keep the skin moisturized. Sometimes the skin can crack and break.

The first thing you need to do is to figure out why you’re dealing with dry skin in the first place. If you are getting older then the reason is generally easier to pinpoint. As we age our skin tends to get dryer and lose moisture. If you still feel like you’re young enough that that is not a problem for you, it’s best to examine other issues.

Some people may only have patches of dry skin. On the face, the cheeks and lips might be most affected. Hands, elbows, knees and feet are other areas commonly affected by dry skin. Some people only experience dry skin in particular weather conditions. Those living in temperate weather regions may find their skin dries out during the winter months only.

You could splash your face with cold water and you must avert the uses of highly alkaline soaps. To care your skin, you also need to avert the harsh winds, sun and hot baths. If you want to, you could wash clothes or soft towels in order to avert irritation when wiping it on your skin.

Sunscreen can protect your skin from the harsh UV rays that the sun emits, but only if you use the right kind. It should have an SPF rating no lower than 15. However, depending on your skin type, you may need a higher SPF rating. It also wouldn’t hurt to wear a hat, scarf or sunglasses, even on a slightly cloudy day.

The skin on the face of a healthy 60-year-old shows some fine wrinkles, perhaps some deeper lines, a few broken veins on the cheeks and some variation in the skin color. By contrast, the skin on the buttocks is usually smooth, soft and a uniform color.

First of all let’s get to the culprit of oily skin: sebum. What is sebum? It is the oil produced in the sebaceous glands, which are found on many parts of the body, most of which open into hair follicles. The production of sebum decreases with age, and in the case of women, it reduces with menopause.

Skin care for oily skin is important. While those with oily skin are less prone to wrinkle formation and skin discoloration, they are more prone to acne, skin breakouts, and large pores. Skin care for oily skin can be difficult as you can only use anti aging products that are designed for you.

Organic skin care for aging skin is one of the best ways to eliminate wrinkles and to prevent the formation of new ones, most people opt to buy the anti aging creams that they see advertised on TV and on retail stores, however most of those products are made with cheap chemicals that are not healthy for your skin and can even produce negative effects in the long run.

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