A lot of girls tend to complain that it is difficult for them to have a head of healthy hair when it comes to cold days. It is indeed true that there is not enough water in our hair so that the original perfect hairstyle will become a mess after you wake from sleep. Well, if you are still bothered about the hair care in winter, it is suggested that you should take a look at the following hair care tips, from which you will benefit a lot.
Firstly, spread a silk scarf on the pillow when you go to sleep. Chances are that most of you will wonder why a silk scarf is needed in terms of hair care. Actually, it has been found that putting silk scarves on the pillows will help people to protect their hair from knotting and being too dry. In that case, there is no need for you to worry about your hairstyle.
Secondly, pay attention to the necessary nutrients that you hair requires. It is well-known that a healthy physical body requires different nutrients. It is also true of the healthy hair. Generally speaking, selenium is a very important nutrient for hair as it can infiltrate into the hair in order to make your hair become much harder. Therefore, take in a certain amount of selenium is helpful to your hair. Well, you may be able to take in selenium by eating more nuts and fish in winter.
Thirdly, make you hair look like spike will help you deal with your long hair. Practices have confirmed that making the hair spike-like or the end of the hair wave-like will help people to protect their hairstyles in winter.
Fourthly, take in more VB. Since VB is generally considered to be the most important vitamin for the hair, it is suggested that people should take in much more VB in winter. For instance, you had better eat more foods rich in VB such as walnuts, sesame seeds, dates, apricot, animal liver, egg yolk and fish so as to improve your dry hair.
Fifthly, reduce the influence of static electricity to the hair. It is well known that the dry air as well as the synthetic fibers in our clothes will make it easier to generate static electricity in cold days, which is harmful to the health of hair. Consequently, it is suggested to use some hair cream after you cleaning your hair in addition to using the anti-electricity comb.
Sixthly, getting your hair trimmed once every eight weeks is highly recommended in winter as it is beneficial to the growth of healthy hair. Many people are not willing to get their hair trimmed in cold days, which is actually bad for hair care.
Seventhly, spare no effort to conduct deep care measures to your hair. It is much easier for your hair to be lack of nutrients, therefore, deep care measures should be conducted more frequently in winter. For example, using the inverted membrane once a week is pretty necessary.
Eighthly, select the moisturizing hair cream. Have you been ever confronted with the same situation that you have no idea about the selection of hair cream in front of so many brands? Well, based on the dry air condition in winter, it is suggested to use the moisturizing hair cream.
Ninthly, massage your hair frequently. Massaging your hair skin with your fingers frequently can effectively improve the blood circulation of the skin, which is in turn beneficial to improve the hair quality.
Tenthly, stick to a healthy diet in daily time. Do not take it for granted that losing weight by keeping on diets has nothing to do with your hair. Instead, you daily diets have much to do with the health of your hair. Therefore, do not ignore your daily diets for the sake of your hair.

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