Most people are absolutely oblivious to the fact that lemon juice has powerful acne-fighting properties. Consequently, they buy one acne treatment kit after another to find that they continue to suffer from unsightly breakouts. Lemon juice is an all-natural treatment that does not include many of the harsh chemicals often found in over-the-counter treatments, such as alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate sulfate. It does not require a substantial upfront investment, and as a result, there is little to lose in experimenting with this natural remedy. To follow, we will examine some of the characteristics of this remarkable substance that make it an all-around effective treatment.

Lemon juice has long been known to have disinfectant properties. This is a favorable characteristic in that acne bacteria is partially responsible for breakouts. This bacteria accumulates in clogged pores causing the red and inflamed bumps which we refer to as acne. The acidic juice contained within lemons can help reduce the presence of this bacteria on the skin, reducing the likelihood of acne developing.

Dead skin cells collecting on the surface of the skin are yet another cause to acne. Fortunately, lemon juice can help the skin deal with this nuisance as well. When applied topically to the skin, it acts as a skin peel, helping dispose of dead skin cells and bring replenished skin to the surface. This exfoliating effect helps prevent pores from becoming clogged and subsequently transforming into acne lesions. Many have reported success in reducing the appearance of acne scars with topical applications of lemon juice. Although it is unlikely that such a treatment will completely eradicate scars, it should effectively minimize their appearance.

Hyperpigmentation is a problem which past acne sufferers are all too familiar with. It is characterized by discolored spots on the skin, where acne lesions once roamed. Although most of these spots vanish with time, some don’t have the patience to wait six or more months to regain an even skin tone. Fortunately, lemon juice has been utilized as a natural skin lightener for decades. It can help reduce the appearance of dark spots on the skin, making it appear as if acne was never there.

It is natural for people to want quick results after they have been suffering with acne for several years. However, the key to a successful course of treatment is to be patient and persistent. Home remedies such as lemon juice can be effective when given sufficient time to take full effect. Remember to use moisturizer and sunscreen while on this treatment!

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