What is Babassu oil and where does it come from?  Babassu oil is pressed from the seeds of the Babassu palm tree nuts in the Amazon regions of South America. When these nuts ripen, they fall to the ground. Kernels inside the nuts are gathered and broken open by women called Babassu breakers.  This natural oil is refined in Europe.

What is so special about Babassu oil?  This natural oil is beneficial for skin, hair and scalp conditions.  It has protective, soothing, softening, moisturizing, and conditioning properties.  It penetrates the skin quickly without a greasy residue. Its skin nourishing, healthful, properties aids dry skin, dry itchy skin, oily skin, eczema and more!

It can be found in many homemade skin care and commercial skin care products such as:  soaps, creams, lotions, body butters, lip balms, massage butters, hair products, and more!  When used in commercial or homemade shampoo, its moisturizing properties aid dry scalp, dry itchy scalp, and other scalp conditions.

Babassu oil can be used in many homemade soap recipes. When making homemade soap, this natural oil has similar properties to coconut oil.  It offers a hard bar of soap with nice fluffy and stable lather. It has a shelf life of approximately one to two years.  This natural oil saponifies well.

If you have never tried using Babassu oil, you may consider it now. It offers multiple, healthful, benefits for the skin, hair and scalp. Beginner to veteran soap makers incorporate Babassu oil into many homemade skin care products.  Make sure to know important soap making information before using this oil.  For instance, you should know the NOaH and KOH saponification values of this soap making oil, before making homemade soap.  You can learn how to make soap with this natural oil and enjoy its skin care rewards!

Babassu oil is natural and nourishing for the skin, hair and scalp!  This natural and versatile oil has many healthful benefits!


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